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Applicants: Please note that the Philosophy Department deadline for receipt of all graduate admission application materials has changed from January 15, 2015 to January 5, 2015.

For further information, please consult the Department's Admissions webpage.

New issue of Sophia

The Fall 2014 issue of Sophia, the department's newsletter, is now available. Read about recent developments and the department's various programs, and get to know our faculty and students here.

Mader to be Erasmus Mundus Visiting Professor

Dr. Mary Beth Mader will be Visiting Professor at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, as a part of the Erasmus Mundus-Europhilosophie Master's Program. With Prof. Anne Gléonec,​ she will co-teach an intensive graduate course on Foucault's Biopolitics from November 1-10, 2014.

Call for Papers: 2015 PGSA Conference "Beyond Bars: The Future of Prisons"

Punishment has featured prominently in the development of Western political thought as a vital component of developing and maintaining a polity. Philosophers ranging from Aristotle to Mill to Foucault have engaged the use of disciplinary and punitive practices. In the public sphere, debates have been waged over the purpose of prisons, the morality of capital punishment, and the political status of incarcerated persons both during and after incarceration. Over the last decade, in particular, there has been an explosion in the number of discourses surrounding incarceration practices, capital punishment, and criminal law in the United States. Debates about the wars on drugs and terror, the school-to-prison pipeline, and the moral and legal status of capital punishment have featured prominently in the media and in the political landscape. Recent demonstrations in response to police violence have drawn attention to both the militarization of police forces and the disproportion of this violence directed at communities of color. In intellectual circles, solitary confinement practices, felony disenfranchisement, and the proliferation of the prison-industrial complex have all been scrutinized. This conference seeks to provide a forum for these discussions on the status and meaning of prisons, incarceration, and punishment.

Keynote address: Andrew Dilts (Loyola Marymount University)

Plenary panel: Lisa Guenther (Vanderbilt University), Kym Maclaren (Ryerson University), Joshua Dohmen (University of Memphis)

Date and location: February 27-28, 2015; University of Memphis, TN

The call for papers is available here.

Fall 2014 Speakers & Events

September 5

Anika Fiebich (Bochum), "Towards a Pluralistic Approach to Social Understanding: Suggestions for Future Research"

September 19

Philosophy Circle "Meet & Greet"

Graduate Student Colloquium: Josh Dohmen, "Something about Kristeva"

October 3

Derrick Darby (Michigan), "A Problem for Justice as Reparations"

October 10

Shaun Gallagher (Memphis), Spindel Preview

October 17

Philosophy Circle talk: Luvell Anderson (Memphis), "Racist Humor"

October 22

Colin Koopman (Oregon), "The Informational Person: A Genealogy"

October 23-25

Spindel Conference, "Alternative Models of the Mind"

October 31

Graduate Student Colloquium: Marygrace Hemme, "The Praxis and Poetics of Narration in Kristeva's Interpretation of Arendt"

November 7

Deborah Tollefsen (Memphis), "Groups as Agents"

November 14

Dylan Trigg (Dublin), "Anxiety at the Limits of Phenomenology"

November 21

Ryan Nichols (Cal State Fullerton), "Domesticating humans with shame: How Early Confucians altered inherited evolutionary norms through cultural programming to increase social harmony"

December 3

Gordon Finlayson (Sussex), "'Wer denkt, ist nicht wütend.' Adorno on Theory and Praxis"

December 5-6

8th Annual Ida B. Wells Conference, with keynote lectures by Linda Martín Alcoff (CUNY) and Paul C. Taylor (Penn State)



Spindel Conference 2014
The Philosophy Department is hosting the 32nd Annual Spindel Conference from Thursday to Saturday this week. Organized by Professor Shaun Gallagher, the conference will explore philosophical issues concerning notions of intentionality, representation, externalism, and the causal or constitutive roles of affect and affordance, predictive coding, tools and technologies with respect to consciousness and cognition.

Keynote lectures: Alva Noë (UC Berkeley), Evan Thompson (University of British Columbia), Louise Barrett (University of Lethbridge), Andy Clark (University of Edinburgh).

Lawson to Present on Frederick Douglass and Ferguson

Professor Bill E. Lawson will present "Memories in Time: From Frederick Douglass to Ferguson and beyond" at Koç University in Istanbul on October 9. His talk is part of the Distinguished Scholar Seminar Series of the Koç Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Department of Psychology.

Call for Papers: 8th Annual Ida B. Wells Conference

The Ida B. Wells Philosophical Association invites submissions of papers for the annual Ida B. Wells Philosophical Conference that will be held on December 5 – 6, 2014. We welcome submissions in all areas of study that engage the experiences of minorities including, but not limited to, African Americans, Latin Americans, and Americans of Middle Eastern descent, etc. The Ida B. Wells Philosophical Conference is dedicated to furthering interdisciplinary discourse regarding circumstances and problems such as gender, race, prejudice, sexual orientation, nationhood, etc. that confront minorities in the United States, as well as providing a context in which both minority undergraduate and graduate students can be connect and be encouraged in their philosophical aspirations.

Keynote speakers: Linda Alcoff (City University of New York) and Paul Taylor (Pennsylvania State University)

Submission deadline: Wednesday, October 29, 2014. You can download the Call for Papers here.


Welcome New Visiting Faculty

The Philosophy Department welcomes  Dr. Dylan Trigg, who is starting a Marie Curie fellowship in Memphis in Fall 2014. Sponsored by Professors Shaun Gallagher and Tom Nenon, Dr. Trigg will research the phenomenology of anxiety and the body.

Dr. Anika Fiebich (Ruhr University, Bochum) will be a Humboldt postdoctoral researcher in the Philosophy Department for August and September 2014. She is co-authoring a paper with Dr. Gallagher on social interaction and the observational stance.

Dr. Marek Pokropski (University of Warsaw) will be a postdoctoral researcher in the department for the fall semester. He is working on a translation of Gallagher and Zahavi's book, The Phenomenological Mind, into Polish.

Professor Tetsuyo Kono (Rikkyo University) and Katsunori Miyahara, a PhD candidate at the University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy, will be visiting the department from Japan.


Faculty Books: New, Forthcoming, In Press, Under Contract

- Stephan Blatti (co-edited with Paul Snowdon) Essays on Animalism: Persons, Animals, and Identity (forthcoming, Oxford University Press).
- Stephan Blatti (co-edited with Sandra Lapointe) Ontology After Carnap (forthcoming, Oxford University Press).
- Stephan Blatti (ed.) Spindel Supplement (“The Lives of Human Animals”), The Southern Journal of Philosophy 52 (2014).
- Pleshette DeArmitt, The Right to Narcissism: A Case for an Im-possible Self-Love (Fordham University Press, 2014).
- Remy Debes (ed.) Dignity: The History of a Concept (forthcoming, Oxford University Press).
- Remy Debes (co-edited with Karsten Steuber) Ethical Sentimentalism (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press).
- Shaun Gallagher (co-edited), Oxford Handbook of Cognition: Embodied, Enactive, Extended (under contract, Oxford University Press).
- Shaun Gallagher, The Phenomenological Mind (2nd ed.) appeared in Spanish and Korean translations (2013).
- Kas Saghafi and Pleshette DeArmitt (co-editors), Remains: Jacques Derrida (under contract, Edinburgh University Press).
- Deborah Tollefsen, Groups as Agents (Polity, 2015).
- Somogy Varga, Naturalism, Hermeneutics and Mental Disorder (under contract, Oxford University Press).
- Somogy Varga, Ruptured Selves: Embodied Cognition and Mental Disorder (under contract, MIT Press).
- Somogy Varga (co-edited with Michelle Merritt) Special Issue of Cognitive Systems Research (“Socially Extended Mind”) (2013).

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