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Internships and related work experience may provide a student with valuable insights into the hospitality industry. For this reason, the Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality & Resort Management (KWS) requires that each student fulfill a minimum of 480 hours of internship or related employment as a prerequisite to graduation.

The responsibility rests with the student to secure appropriate hospitality industry related employment.  The KWS Academic Coordinator is available to help guide your search. The Coordinator is located in the KWS, Room 141.

What Steps Can You Take
Since the hospitality industry is vast, the following categories may provide you with a starting point in your search:
  • Lodging -- hotels, resorts, inns, motels, bed & breakfast.
  • Food & Beverage -- restaurants, bars, clubs, institutional foodservice, catering.
  • Transportation -- airlines, car rental firms, rail, boat or ferry companies.
  • Tourism -- tour operators, travel agencies, tourist information offices.
  • Entertainment and Recreation -- casinos, theme parks, national parks, ski areas, golf courses, marinas, sport organizations.
To help you to be effective in your search, please consider the following;
  • Arrange a brief weekly meeting with the Internship Coordinator/Academic Advisor to discuss the internship requirements and process. These meetings should last 10-15 minutes.
  • Once you obtain an assignment, arrange a meeting with the Internship Coordinator immediately to discuss details of the assignment; location, duties and pay.
Kemmons Wilson School will:
  • Discuss all internship opportunities with KWS students and advise them of appropriate options that meet their interests.
  • When/where appropriate, notify the internship provider of interested students.
  • KWS faculty or Academic Coordinator will monitor and track an intern’s performance, and make site visits when/where appropriate.
  • Discuss any issues that arise during the internship with both the student and the internship provider.
  • Record student hours worked to assure accuracy for graduation requirement.
The Internship Provider will:
  • Provide an on-site supervisor who will coordinate training and coaching needed by the intern to perform the responsibilities of the internship.
  • Provide a safe environment in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and inform KWS of any hazardous or unusual circumstances that may create unsafe working conditions for the intern.
  • Contact KWS faculty regarding any issues that arise or are expected to occur during the internship period.
  • Pay the intern a competitive hourly wage during the internship period.
  • Complete an evaluation of the intern and forward to KWS Internship Coordinator one week prior to the end of the assignment.
The Intern will:
  • Perform the designated responsibilities of the internship to the best of their abilities.
  • Agree to follow all safety requirements, security guidelines and general employment policies and procedures of the internship provider and of the Kemmons Wilson School.
  • Understand the company is under no obligation to continue the internship should any of the items above not be met.
  • Understand the company is under no obligation to continue employment following the internship period.
  • Complete all required reports and documentation of the internship and submit it to KWS for review upon conclusion of the internship period
Community Service
A KWS student may accrue one hundred (100) hours* of volunteer service with community organizations. These hours will be counted toward the 1000 hour internship requirement. Students may participate in authorized service with the HPRM Career Fair, Kemmons Wilson Day, Trivia Night, KW Society, National Society of Minorities in Hospitality, Ronald McDonald House, Grizzlies House, Target House, Memphis Food Bank, St. Jude, and Kidney Foundation. All other sites must be pre-approved by the KWS, including up to twenty (20) hours of service sponsored by a church, a consortium of churches, synagogue, or masque.

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