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Google Maps will allow for precise U of M directions

By Laura Fenton

The cliché excuse for tardiness at the University of Memphis — “I got lost” — won’t hold starting in August. A computer, smartphone or tablet will give users access to precise directions and maps for certain buildings on campus right down to the exact room with indoor mapping from Google Maps.

“Just like any other map, I think directions like this will help you figure out where you're going a lot quicker,” said Carol Ann Walker, U of M graduate student in the Public Administration program. “It would also probably make you a little less stressed out on your first day of class.”

The U of M is one of the early adopters in the state to integrate the indoor mapping feature. This newest facet of Google Maps, available in the student center today and expanding to new parts of campus in the future, is visible through both the Google Maps website and the official Google Maps app.

 “The Google staff will walk around buildings on campus to help determine the wayfinding for the maps,” said U of M webmaster Allecia Powell. “After that, students will be able to navigate from building to building and from area to area within a building using Google Maps on their smartphones.”       

‪Google launched indoor maps in November 2011 and began reaching out to universities the following February.  

“College students are usually the most tech savvy, so we know they’re going to be using something like this to get around campus,” said Jacqui Erwin, partner operations specialist at Google in Chicago. “Plus, this is a great way to market your university as being on the cutting edge of technology.”

These indoor maps may also become integrated with the U of M mobile app in the future through the Google Maps API.

Google Map of University Center
By zooming in on campus buildings like the University Center, Google Maps indoor floor plans show details that make finding your exact destination easier. During the summer, floor plans for all public buildings on campus will be uploaded for general use.


To view the detailed floor plans, zoom in to the desired building. A blue dot serves as your starting point, and moves with you to determine your current location. If you move up a level, the map will refresh to the next floor. The step-by-step directions provide specifics of the interior distances to walk.

“It tells you where to go, down to where to take the stairs and that the room will be on your left,” Erwin said.

Walker, who moved to Memphis less than two year ago from Jackson, Miss., still uses GPS devices occasionally when driving around town.

 “I'm still learning my way around Memphis,” she said. “I have a decent sense of direction, but for somewhat large buildings like the UC, a map would probably be more helpful than someone's verbal directions.”

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