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Design your own degree


  • In order to design your own degree, you must first be admitted to the University of Memphis. University of Memphis Admissions/Application
  • Once you have received your acceptance letter from the University of Memphis, you must declare a major in University College by submitting the University College Declaration of Major form - [WORD] [PDF]
  • You must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.500 or above to be eligible for the Baccalaureate Contract Program.
  • Your proposed degree will require the successful completion of 120 credit-hours which are to be allocated as follows:
    • General Education Courses (35-41 hrs)
    • Upper-Division Coordinated Study (Major) Courses (33 hrs)
      • Grade of C- or better is required
    • Thematic Studies Courses (6 hrs)
    • Senior Project (3 hrs)
    • General Elective Courses (36-42 hrs)
  • Your coordinated study (major) must be interdisciplinary, meaning it must be comprised of upper-division courses from two or more separate and distinct disciplines/departments.
    • No more than 21 hours of course work from the College of Business or any one academic area can be applied towards the coordinated study.
    • Students must earn at least 9 graded hours from the University of Memphis.
    • A minimum 2.25 GPA is required within the coordinated study.
  • Your baccalaureate contract must be fully typed.
  • The sentences that comprise your baccalaureate contract must be grammatically correct and free of typographical errors.
  • Use an up-to-date copy of your University of Memphis transcript when preparing your baccalaureate contract. You may obtain a personal copy of your transcript in the Transcript Office located in Room 003 of Wilder Tower.
  • You must designate two faculty members from the departments/disciplines that are represented within your coordinated study.
  • You are responsible for locating, contacting, and securing the faculty members.
  • Your contract must be fully complete, and you must have thoroughly proofread it before you present it to your faculty committee for consideration.
  • Do not ask or expect your faculty committee to simply sign your contract without being given the opportunity to review it carefully.
  • The first page of your baccalaureate contract is NOT the full contract. Submission of the first page of your contract to University College -- even with your faculty committee's approval - is wholly unacceptable and will not be considered for approval. All seven pages of the contract constitute the full document.
  • You will not have an official degree plan until all three levels of approval have been successfully attained. Without an approved degree plan/contract, you WILL NOT:
    • be advised,
    • be cleared to register,
    • be allowed to file an intent to graduate form or issued a permit for UNIV 4995 - Senior Project,
    • receive a degree plan for financial aid purposes,
    • receive a graduation checkout, or
    • be permitted to graduate.
  • After your contract has successfully made it through all three levels of approval, a copy will be mailed to you. The original contract will be placed in your University College student file.
  • Final approval of your baccalaureate contract may take up to eight weeks from the time your faculty committee approves it, and it is received by University College.  PLEASE DO NOT RUSH OR OTHERWISE ATTEMPT TO MANIPULATE THIS PROCESS.
  • If you would like to change a course in your coordinated study once your contract is approved, you may petition for a change by submitting a Course Substitution Request  form.
    • Have your faculty member sign the form and return it to University College.
    • The University College's assistant dean of undergraduate affairs or his designee will then approve or deny the request.

By clicking the " I Understand " button, below, you are certifying that you have read, understand, and will abide by all of the policies and guidelines set forth above in the preparation of your baccalaureate contract.

I Understand and Agree to These Terms

Design Your Own Degree
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