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DEBORAH HOCHSTEIN,  M.S., Associate Dean for Academics and Administration
WARREN HAGGARD, Ph.D., Associate Dean
LORIE STEWART, M.A., Undergraduate Advisor


JACK BUCHANAN* (1990), Associate Professor: B.S.E.E., 1967, M.S.E.E., 1970, M.D., 1975, University of Kentucky
JOEL BUMGARDNER (2004), Professor: B.S., 1984, M.S.B.M.E., 1989, Ph.D., 1994, University of Alabama at Birmingham
AMY de JONGH-CURRY (2000), Associate Professor: B.S.E.E., 1992, M.S., 1993, Ph.D., 1997, University of Memphis
DENNIS DiANGLEO* (1995), Associate Professor: B.S., 1983, University of Waterloo; M.S., 1986, Ph.D., 1993, University of McMaster
FRANK A. DiBIANCA* (1994), Professor: B.S.,  1962, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; M.S., 1966, Ph.D., 1970, Carnegie-Mellon University
EUGENE C. ECKSTEIN (2000), Professor, Chair: S.B.M.E., 1970, S.M.M.E., 1970, Ph.D., 1975, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
WALEED GRABER * (2004), Assistant Professor: B.S., 1981, Ain-Sham University-Egypt; Ph.D., 1991, University College of London-UK; M.S., 1998, University of Tennessee-Memphis
WARREN O. HAGGARD (2004), H. Herff Chair of Excellence and Professor: B.S., 1978, Auburn University; M.S.E., 1981, Ph.D., 1994, University of Alabama at Birmingham
LISA H.K. JENNINGS (1992), Adjunct Professor: B.A., 1976, University of Tennessee; M.S., 1978, Memphis State University; Ph.D., 1983, University of Tennessee
GARY KEYES* (2004), Professor: B.S., 1963, Wheaton College; M.S., 1965, Ph.D., 1969, Northwestern University
ERNO LINDNER (1999), Professor: M.S., 1971, Ph.D., 1985, Technical University of Budapest; D.Sc., 1985, Hungarian Academy of Science
YUNZHI (PETER) YANG* (2004), Assistant Professor: B.E., 1992, M.E., 1994, Ph.D., 1997, Sichuan University-China
MICHAEL R. T. YEN (1987), Professor: B.S., 1962, National Taiwan University; M.S., 1968, University of California- Berkeley; Ph.D., 1973, University of California-San Diego

*University of Tennessee faculty in the joint U of M-UT Biomedical Engineering graduate program


JERRY LEE ANDERSON (1972), Associate Professor: B.S.C.E., 1966, Tennessee Technological University; M.S., 1967, Ph.D., 1972, Vanderbilt University
DAVID ARELLANO (2005), Assistant Professor: B.S.C.E., 1986, M.S.C.E., 1998, Ph.D., 2005, University of Illinois
CHARLES V. CAMP (1989), Professor: B S.C.E., 1981, M.S., 1986, Auburn University; Ph.D., 1987, Oklahoma State University
STEPHANIE S. IVEY (2005), Associate Professor: B.S.C.E., 1996, M.S.C.E., 1998, Ph.D., 2003,  University of Memphis
MARTIN E. LIPINSKI (1975), Professor: B.S.C.E., 1964, University of Illinois; Certificate in Traffic Engr., 1965, Yale; M.S.C.E., 1966, Ph.D., 1972, University of Illinois
ROGER W. MEIER (1995) Associate Professor: B.S.C.E., 1979, Virginia Tech; M.S.C.E., University of Colorado; Ph.D., 1995, Georgia Institute of Technology
LARRY W. MOORE (1983), Professor: B.S.C.E., 1973, University of South Alabama; M.S.C.E., 1974, Ph.D., 1983, Mississippi State University
PAUL J. PALAZOLA (2002), Associate Professor: B.S.C.E., 1974, M.S.C.E., 1976, Memphis State University; Ph.D., 1998, The Georgia Institute of Technology
SHAHRAM PEZESHK (1989), Professor, Chair: B.S.C.E., 1982, University of Illinois; M.S.C.E., 1983, University of California at Berkeley; Ph.D., 1989, University of Illinois
WILLIAM T. SEGUI (1968), Professor: B.S.C.E., 1960, M.S., 1966, Ph.D., 1971, University of South Carolina
BRIAN A. WALDRON (1999), Associate Professor: B.S.C.E., 1992, Memphis State University; M.S.C.E., 1994, University of Memphis, Ph.D., 1999, Colorado State University


MOHD HASANALI (2011), Assistant Professor: B.S., 1995, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology; M.S., 2001, Ph.D., 2004, Kitami Institute of Technology
MADHUSUDHANAN BALASUBRAMANIAN (2013), Assistant Professor: B.E., 1998, PSG College of Technology, India; M.S., 2003, Ph.D., 2006, Louisiana State University
BONNY BANERJEE (2011), Assistant Professor: B.E., 2000, Jadavpur University, India; M.S., 2002, Ph,D., 2007, Ohio State University
RUSSELL DEATON (2012), Professor, Chair: B.A., 1981, University of North Carolina; B.S.E.E., 1988, University of Memphis; Ph.D., 1992, Duke University
STEVEN T. GRIFFIN (1982), Associate Professor, Lab Coordinator: B.S.E.E., 1975, Memphis State University; M.S., 1977, Ph.D., 1979, University of Illinois
EDDIE JACOBS (2006), Associate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator: B.Sc., 1986, M.S.E.E., 1988, University of Arkansas; Ph.D., 2001, George Washington University
PETER LAU (2003), Associate Professor:B.A.Sc., 1993, M.A.Sc., 1986, Ph.D., 1990, University of Toronto 
BASHIR MORSHED (2011), Assistant Professor: B.S., 1998, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology; M.S., 2004, The University of Windsor, Canada; Ph.D., 2010, Carleton University, Canada
CHRYSANTHE PREZA (2006), Associate Professor: B.S.E.E., 1987, B.S.C.S., 1987, M.S.E.E., 1990, M.S.C.S., 1991, D.Sc., 1998, Washington University
AARON L. ROBINSON (2002), Associate Professor: B.S.EE., 1994, M.S.E.E., 1997, Ph.D., 2001, Florida State University
MOHAMMED YEASIN (2005), Associate Professor: B.Sc., 1989, Bangladesh Institute of Technology; M.Sc., 1994 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology; Ph.D., 1998, Indian Institute of Technology


THOMAS BANNING (2005), Assistant Professor: B.S.I.T., 1982, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; M.S., 1985 Memphis State Univeristy
ROBERT HEWITT (2003), Assistant Professor: B.S.E.T., 1996, M.S.E.T., 2003, University of Memphis; M.Div., 2003, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary
DEBORAH J. HOCHSTEIN (1991), Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Academics and Administration: B.S., 1976, Georgian Court College; M.S., 1984, University of Akron
DANIEL E. KOHN (2008), Assistant Professor: B.S.E.T., 2000, M.S.E.T., 2001, University of Southern Mississippi
JERRY NEWMAN (2006), Assistant Professor: B.S.I.T., 1996 Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; M.S.E.T., 2005, University of Memphis
SCOTT C. SOUTHALL (1994), Associate Professor, Chair: B.S.E.T., 1987, M.S., 1991, Memphis State University
CARL RAY WILLIAMS (1998), Associate Professor: B.S., 1976 Mississippi State University; B.S.I.E., 1976, Mississippi State University; M.B.A., 1983, Memphis State University; M.S., 2004, University of Memphis


SRIKANT GIR (1987), Assistant Professor: B.S.Ch.E., 1976, Osmania University, India; M.S.Ch.E., 1977, Oklahoma State University; Ph.D., 1992, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
JOHN I. HOCHSTEIN (1991), Professor, Chair: B.S., 1973, Stevens Institute of Technology; M.S.M.E., 1979, Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., 1984, University of Akron
WILLIAM S. JANNA (1987), Professor: B.S.M.E., 1971, M.S.M.E., 1973, Ph.D., 1976, University of Toledo
GLADIUS LEWIS (1987), Professor: B.Sc., 1972, University of London, England; M.Sc., 1974, Council for National Academic Awards, England; Ph.D., 1976, University of Nottingham, England
HSIANG H. LIN (1985), Professor: B.S.M.E., 1974, National Chung-Hsing University; M.S.M.E., 1980, Ph.D., 1985, University of Cincinnati
JEFFREY G. MARCHETTA (2002), Associate Professor: B.S.M.E., 1997, M.S.M.E., 1999, Ph.D., 2002 University of Memphis
JIADA MO (1991), Associate Professor: B.S., 1982, M.S., 1989, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Ph.D., 1989, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
GANG QI (1998), Associate Professor; B.S., 1982, Inner Mongolia Polytech University; M.S.A.E., 1987, China Agricultural University; Ph.D., 1996, Texas Tech University
ESRA ROAN (2007), Assistant Professor: B.S., 1998, M.S., 1980, Tennessee Technological University; Ph.D., 2007, University of Cincinnati
TEONG ENG TAN (1984), Associate Professor: B.Sc.E., 1980, M.Sc.E., 1981, University of New Brunswick, Canada; Ph.D., 1984, Iowa State University

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