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Transitional Academic Studies (TRAC) provides students with the best means to achieve the academic competencies necessary for success in college-level courses. We provide students with testing and placement in appropriate level courses in Math, Reading, and English.

Colleges and universities in the Tennessee Board of Regents system place students according to their ACT subscores in English, Math, and Reading, provided that those scores are less than 3 years old. 

  • Students with ACT reading subscores below 19 are required to enroll in ACAD 1100.
  • Students with ACT English subscores below 18 are required to enroll in prescribed English courses.

If students feel they have been misplaced by their ACT subscores in English and reading, they may take the COMPASS test to attempt to place in a higher level course.

  • All students, regardless of their ACT math subscore, are required to take the ALEKS placement exam for math.

Students without ACT scores are required to take a placement test, the COMPASS assessment and placement test, to determine the best course placement for them.  The COMPASS test provides students and their advisors with important information about educational preparation and is a good beginning toward the achievement of academic goals. 

COMPASS tests are given many times during the course of the year. The Testing Center has a list of dates and a Test Guide for your convenience. The COMPASS test should be taken before seeing your advisor or attending New Student Orientation. 

Our staff are dedicated to the students at the U of M. Together we work hard to assist and prepare students for the academic expectations of this university.

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