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Day One Program

Day 1

Day One

A Leadership Development Pilot Program for the

Graduate Students in the Masters of Health Administration program at

The University of Memphis


The Day One program is designed to equip students with experiences which will assist them in developing personal and professional leadership skills and will enable them to be effective on “Day One” of their chosen careers. Throughout the program, the students will interact with community leaders and engage in a set of unique experiential learning opportunities. These learning activities will build relationships between community leaders and emerging young professionals to increase leadership engagement and to retain a talented workforce for the Memphis and Shelby County communities.

As a stimulating and community-centered program of engaged leadership, the goals of the Day One program are to:

  • Develop personal and professional leadership, team-building, and problem-solving skills.
  • Expose students to the Memphis community and expand their awareness of its strengths and challenges.
  • Facilitate relationships between community leaders and emerging young professionals.
  • Retain Memphis talent in the local community and workforce.

Ultimately, the participants will commit to applying their knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the Memphis metropolitan region.

Proposed Program Design

The initiative will be implemented over a ten-month academic year. Foundational awareness and skills to develop leadership of self and others will be established in the opening advance at Team Trek in Heber Springs, Arkansas. These themes will be integrated into the monthly scheduled activities to advance the programmatic goals. To complement the formal monthly programming outlined below, Day One integrates relationship-building activities between the students and “Community Connectors.” These individuals are community leaders and graduates of Leadership Memphis committed to participating jointly with the students in community-centered activities to broaden the horizons of the emerging young professionals. Some of the one-to-two hour experiences are incorporated as planned program activities while other experiences will be mutually selected from a menu of options by the students and their Connectors. More than a mentorship, these relationships are designed to connect the students to the Memphis region naturally and powerfully.

 Proposed Calendar


     Team Trek: Opening Advance

Time: Weekend (August 22-25, 2008)

Presenter: Team Trek


  • Gain foundational self-leadership skills
  • Incorporate principles of 100% Responsibility
  • Acquire tools to influence others as a servant leader and parachute packer
  • Recognize that leadership is not tied to positional authority
  • Utilize effective problem-solving models
  • Learn to leverage individual and organizational strengths toward common goals
  • Build highly effective teams
  • Think strategically and align team members behind a shared vision
  • Take healthy risks and learn from failure
  • Navigate, support, and lead change
  • Understand healthy conflict and resolution
  • Practice engaged listening, empathy, situational leadership, and effective communication skills
  • Use creative flexible problem-solving methods*
  • Know the bases of power and become aware of political implications and effects of decisions*
  • Understand and utilize effective motivational strategies to elicit desired behavior and inspire others toward a shared vision*
  • Know, support, and use team development methods*
  • Understand cause-and-effect relationships*
  • View issues from different perspectives*
  • Create innovative strategies*
  • Develop ability to make decisions in the presence of uncertainty*
  • Develop ability to learn from mistakes*


     High Impact Communications

Time: All Day

Topic/Presenter: Communication, writing, and presentation

(Dr. Katherine Hendrix, Associate Professor of Communication)

(Peggy Faulkner, PWF Communications Skills Associates)


  • Create stellar presentations
  • Enhance business communication skills
  • Acquire effective business writing skills
  • Enhance conflict negotiation skills
  • Understand and resolve critical tension*
  • Display effective listening and communication skills*
  • Develop, organize, synthesize, and articulate ideas and information*
  • Listen, hear, and respond effectively to the ideas and thoughts of others*
  • Speak clearly and effectively before individuals and groups, in formal and informal settings*
  • Write clearly and effectively*
  • Identify and use appropriate communication strategies based on audience characteristics and communication goals*
  • Recognize and use non-verbal forms of communication*


    Professional Protocol

Time: All Day

 Presenter: Utensil and Networking University

(Debbie Neal, President of the School of Protocol)


  • Uncover the secrets to effective networking
  • Gain professional etiquette to impress at business functions


    Community Connections

 Time: Daytime

 Presenter: Leadership Memphis


  • Introduce students to their Community Connector
  • Expose students to the opportunities to involve and experience the Memphis region
  • Discuss hopes and expectations for the Community Connector relationships
  • Stimulate thought and discussion on the great aspects of the Memphis region and what elements will enable the community to achieve the next level


     Doing Business with a Diverse Workforce

Leadership Memphis Multicultural Luncheon

(A Community Connector Experience)

 Time: Morning (Tentatively November 13)

 Presenter: Leadership Memphis

Diversity Memphis

Benjamin Hooks Institute for Social Change


  • Understand the influence of racial and ethnic backgrounds
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities of a diverse workforce
  • Recognize cultural communication styles
  • Leverage team diversity as an employee and manager
  • Work effectively with other professionals*


    Competing in the Global Economy

 Time: To Be Determined

 Presenter: Chamber of Commerce


  • Understand the economic future of the Memphis region
  • Maximize organization “profit” in a global economy


    Leadership Memphis Holiday Party

(A Community Connector Experience)

 Time: December 2, 2008

 Presenter: Leadership Memphis


  • Network with prominent community leaders
  • Practice communication and networking strategies


     Simulated Society

 Time: Daytime

 Presenter: Assisi Foundation


  • Become a local actor and global citizen
  • Acquire problem-solving skills to tackle daily issues in governing society
  • Navigate the challenges of power, trust, and leadership
  • Appreciate social processes and the most effective ways to achieve goals
  • Strengthen decision-making skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to make choices*
  • Understand internal/external system structures and social, cultural, economic, financial, and political issues/factors*


     Business Ethics: Choosing Right or Right

 Time: Daytime

 Presenter: Leadership Memphis

(David Williams)


  • Refine the ability to make moral choices
  • Understand the intricacies of right vs. right decisions (when choices are not black and white)
  • Recognize the most effective strategies to build trust and establish credibility
  • Practice ethical leadership in simulated scenarios


     Sold on Memphis

Leadership Memphis Community Leadership Breakfast

 Time: Daytime (Tentatively March 5)

 Presenter: Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau

Leadership Memphis


  • Appreciate the strengths and challenges of the Memphis region
  • Build a positive Memphis mindset
  • Understand the distinctiveness of the Memphis region
  • Learn how talent, innovation, and connectivity are critical to regional success
  • Network with local leaders sold on Memphis


      Civics of the City: A Conversation with Local Elected Officials

 Time: Evening

 Presenter: MPACT Memphis


  • Dialogue with elected officials about key issues facing the region
  • Gain resources to convert knowledge into action
  • Leverage the political landscape without being a politician
  • Build connections with young professionals committed to Memphis


     Closing Ceremony

 Time: Evening

 Presenter: University of Memphis


  • Connect learning from Day One
  • Recognize certification as a Day One Leader

Addendum A

Proposed Community Connector Experiences

These experiences are designed to be one-to-two hours in length and shared with the Community Connector and student who will be from different backgrounds. Student/connector pairings may choose to form a group with other teams for a more dynamic and substantive interaction.

Participate in a City Council or County Commission meeting and dialogue about the content and process.

  • Participate in a Memphis City or Shelby County School Board meeting and dialogue about the content and process.
  • Participate in two neighborhood association meetings (of different communities) and dialogue about the similarities and differences.
  • Take advantage of an arts or cultural experience unique to Memphis (Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis Botanic Gardens, Memphis Zoo, Stax Museum, Sun Studios, etc.).
  • Take advantage of a historical experience unique to Memphis ( Slave Museum, Memphis Civil Rights Museum, Victorian Village, etc.).
  • Ride the trolley or take a MATA bus to your destination to identify the strengths and opportunities for growth of public transit in Memphis.
  • View Crash with a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds and dialogue about your observations of the key movie themes.
  • Attend a worship service with someone from a different faith background.
  • Share a meal with someone of a different background at a locally owned, uniquely Memphis restaurant.
  • Experience the green spaces in Memphis and dialogue about strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Volunteer for a service project to help a local Memphis cause.

The possibilities are endless:

Think outside of your comfort zone!

Think experiencing the real Memphis!

Think learning from someone of a different background!

* These objectives are consistent with the competencies of the Masters of Health Administration Accrediting Body.

Day 1

Mission and Objectives
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