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Students must take RLGN 1100, Introduction to Religion, RLGN 3100, Perspectives on Religion, and RLGN 4990, Senior Capstone Project in sequence. These courses may be taken out of sequence only with permission of the Program Coordinator. The electives may be taken at any time, although ideally they would be completed prior to enrolling in RLGN 4990. In order to assure that a paper will satisfy the requirements of RLGN 4990, the proposal must be approved in advance by the Program Coordinator as well as the faculty member mentoring the project.

Core (9 hours)

RLGN 1100* Introduction to Religion
RLGN 3100 Perspectives on Religion
RLGN 4990 Senior Capstone Project

*Can be used to satisfy General Education Humanities requirement

Electives (9 hours)

All courses listed below are 3 hours. Other courses, including special topics, individual study, and directed readings courses, may be counted with prior permission of the Program Coordinator.


Elective Course Listing:
AAAS 4251 African Religions of the Diaspora
ANTH 4253 Anthropology of Religion
ARTH 4031 Art/Iconoclasm/Images
CLAS 2481 Mythology
ENGL 4461 Bible as Literature
HIST 3273 Islamic Civilization
HIST 3274 Modern Islamic World
HIST 3275 History of Jewish People
HIST 4064 Ancient India
JDST 2850 Religions of Abraham
JDST 3601 Judaism
JDST 3661 Old Testament
JDST 3801 Jewish Thought I
JDST 3802 Jewish Thought II
JDST 4511 Holocaust Studies
JDST 4801 Jewish Mysticism
JDST 4841 Biblical Archaeology
PHIL 3701 Human and the Divine
PHIL 3702 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 3721 Chinese Philosophy
POLS 3102 Religion and Politics
RLGN 4010 Directed Readings
RLGN 4050-75 Special Topics
SOCI 3860 Sociology of Religion
UNIV 3581 Faith, Reason and Imagination

For more information contact:

Dr. Joy Clay
Associate Dean
Interdisciplinary Studies
107 Scates Hall


Dr. Robert Yelle
Department of History
125 Mitchell Hall

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