Copyright Violation

You been caught.  You received a letter stating you have committed a copyright infringement violation by file sharing on a peer to peer (p2p) network.  Here is the letter example:


Student’s Name


City, State, Zip

Dear Student:

Please call 678-2298 by (Month/Day/Year) to schedule an appointment with xxxxxxxxxxxx in the Office of Judicial and Ethical Programs concerning an alleged violation of the University of Memphis Student Rights and Responsibilities.  Specifically, you are being charged with violating section III, article(s):

                 i. Violation of published University policies, rules or regulations.

                 j. Violation of local, state, or federal law.

                 t. Theft or other abuse of computer time.

This incident occurred on (Month/Day/Year) as documented from the Office of Legal Counsel.

During our meeting, you will be advised of the allegations and your conduct file will be made available to you.  Also, during our meeting, you will be offered the opportunity to adjudicate this matter through an Administrative Hearing, the Behavioral Standards Committee, the Student Court, or the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedure Act (TUAPA).  Your timely compliance with this official request is required.  Failure to respond to this request within the time period specified above will result in a hold being placed on your records.  The hold will remain in place until you make an appointment and/or appear to respond to this matter.

Prior to your appointment with this office, you should review The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities at 

As a reminder, it is your responsibility to make an appointment with this office.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


Associate Dean of Students for Judicial and Ethical Programs

Student Conduct will review your case.  Resident will be provided a letter to be given to ResNet Service Office to do the following.

  • Look for p2p applications installed           
  • Locate any files that were illegally downloaded
  • Checked the system to see any evidence of hacking by viruses, rootkits or trojans.

(Note: If system is determined to contain evidence of hacking then it can take up to 5 days but the average time is 3 days to clean the system.)

The letter will be signed and to be returned back to Student Conduct.

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