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The University of Memphis is now offering fast Ethernet connections via Hardwire or Wireless access for our residents via ResNet with free access to the Internet including University E-mail, Campus Pipeline, eCourseware, and MyMemphis Info. A resident with a personal computer that meets the minimum system requirements, can use their ResNet connection free of charge. Access is immediate and without the need for a modem, phones or Internet Service Provider once you are registered with the network.

What do I need to connect to ResNet?

If you reside in Richardson Towers or South Hall you will need information for a hardwired connection:

You will basically need a computer with the minimum requirements,

Ethernet connections:

  • Network Interface Card (Most computers have this built in)
  • Network Cable (RJ45) (Available at most retail stores)

Wireless Connection:

  • Wireless adapters (built in or usb wireless adapters)

Need additional information, Call ResNet at 901-678-4042 M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

Where is ResNet available?

ResNet is currently available in Richardson Towers and South Hall as a Hardwired Connection.
Wireless access is available in Carpenter Complex, Smith, Mynders, Rawls and Graduate Student Family Housing.

Hardwire and Wireless are available at Living and Learning Complex and some areas of Carpenter Complex.

Can two computers be connected in a Residence Hall room?

Hardwired: There are at least two orange ports in the room so you can connect computer.  You can register more than one computer or electronic device per your UUID on your orange port. Wireless: You can have more than one computer or electronic device in a wireless environment.

Is ResNet available off campus?

No. Buildings off campus are not a part of the University, and thus are not connected to ResNet. 8.

Can I use my computer in another building on campus once it has been configured for ResNet?

Yes. Your computer's ResNet registration is set up to give you Ethernet access via the ResNet connection. It should work in any area that has a University Hardwired port. For Wireless, any area that has Wireless access points installed should give you access. All Acedemic buildings on campus are wireless and several of the residence halls.

Are there any fees for ResNet?

The University does not charge any extra fee for Residents to use ResNet. There is no charge for use of ResNet Support. The only cost to the student is for the necessary hardware and software you may need and ResNet does not sell either.

Can I connect to ResNet using a fax or ISDN modem?

No. Only Ethernet network cards can connect to the ResNet data jack in the student rooms or Wireless Cards for Wireless access.

What is a network card, and why do I need one?

A network adapter is a computer component; installed internally or externally in a computer that allows the computer to access the network. Sometimes they are referred to as a "NIC" (Network Interface Card). They can be a USB device that attaches externally, a PC card that installs in a Laptop, or a PCI card that installs in a desktop

How do I find the hardware address for the Ethernet card in my computer?

Sometimes you will need to know the Ethernet network adapter hardware address for the card in your computer. Most of the time you can run ipconfig /all from a command prompt, and for other systems you can go to start/run and enter winipcfg. The hardware address is a series of numbers and letters. For more details check out your computer instructions or our web site under ResNet Connections.

Why won’t ResNet technicians install network cards?

Sometimes complications arise when installing network cards. We are not able to take responsibility for such complications. Therefore, we recommend that you have a certified technician install the network card. If you install the network card yourself, pay close attention to your computer manufacturers warranty statement; you may void the warranty by opening the computer and working on it yourself. Visit the ResNet office to obtain information about local vendors.

What are network drivers and why do I need them?

A network driver is software that allows your computer to communicate with your network card. Without it, your computer will not be able to connect to the network. Drivers should come with the network card when you buy it.

What do I do if I buy a new computer while connected to ResNet?

If you are using the same network card that you used in your old computer, you should not need to do anything. The hardware address of you network card is still registered with your computer. Anytime you get a new network card, regardless of if you purchased a new computer or not, when you attempt to access ResNet for the first time you will be taken to the SafeConnect page to login with your UUID for that system. Sometimes the SafeConnect registrations are cleared at the beginning of the Fall, so if you cannot connect, you will be redirected back to SafeConnect to register again.

Can I connect to online services such as AOL,  as well as any ISP through my ResNet connection?

Any online system that offers a TCP/IP connection to the Internet can be accessed through ResNet. In most cases, however, having an online service isn’t necessary while you are a University of Memphis student. You are already provided your own e-mail account and full access to the Internet.

Does ResNet require special software?

Assuming you meet the minimum support requirements for ResNet, then your operating system software, along with any software that might have come with your network card, will provide the drivers you need to connect to the Internet.

Can I set up my ResNet computer as a Server?

No. Due to bandwidth and policy issues, computers connected to the ResNet are not allowed to act as Servers and are blocked. If you set yourself up as a Server you will be disconnected by Network Services from the ResNet and only restored access when you have discontinued as a Server.

Is there any ‘port blocking’ in ResNet?

Yes, Network Services block access to ports 1-1024 in ResNet, which means that "well-known services" hosted by ResNet computers can't be accessed from outside of ResNet. Computers on ResNet are not allowed to act as host/servers. You can go to and check out the services attributed to those ports.

Is there a bandwidth cap on ResNet?

Presently there is a 100 Mbps outbound bandwidth cap to the Internet. Traffic inbound from the Internet and within campus is unrestricted. Prior to instituting the outbound cap, we were regularly getting into a partial denial of service situation for many University of Memphis services being accessed from off campus.

Does the University use a “packet shaper”?

Yes, this provides a better method of controlling such services as P2P applications by establishing a rate-limiting policy that applies to various classes of applications and in turn, soften the hard cap bandwidth.

If I was connected to ResNet last year, what will I have to do this year to get reconnected?

The ResNet registration database is cleaned up once a year, usually at the beginning of the Fall Semester. The first time you connect to ResNet you would be asked to login using your UUID and PH password. That would cover you for the year.

Do I need my own printer, or is network printing available?

At certain residence halls there are Iprint printers available to allow printing from your room.  The printers are located in the front lobby entrances.

Can I use a computer that does not meet the minimum requirements?

Yes. Your system may be able to work on ResNet with less than the minimum requirements, but you may suffer in performance. Also, if you have any problem connecting to ResNet, then a ResNet technician will try to help, but they would only be able to go so far and another user having the correct configuration would take precedence over your problem. ResTech cannot support OS later than Windows 2000

Will I be kicked off line every time the IP address is renewed via DHCP?

No.  The IP address should renew automatically without any interruption in service. So you can virtually stay online 24 hours a day. You may have this trouble if it is a laptop that has gone into "hibernation". When the laptop shuts down its Ethernet interface for long enough (past the 6 hour lease lifetime), when it wakes up it disables tcp/ip until it can re-establish a new lease. You should contact ResNet Support at 4042 if you have trouble with this.

Where can I find the Computer usage Policy?

The University of Memphis Acceptable Use Policy for computer usage is outlined at

What is the Universities standing on downloading or uploading copywrited materials?

The University of Memphis does not consider downloading and uploading copywrited material acceptable use.

Can I set up my mail server to use an email client and IMAP to send and receive mail while on the University of Memphis Campus via port 25?

No.  Traffic on port 25 is limited to incoming mail and will not allow outgoing. This is to keep the IP ranges of the University from being blocked by outside IP providers. This is a security issue in our public internet.  IMAP is not generally used on campus. The best solution is to use a web interface to access your non University email account, or forward your personal account to your U of M email address.

What if I need help connecting to ResNet?

If you need assistance connecting to the ResNet you should first make sure to check out the online instructions at: which includes some troubleshooting tips to help you out. Otherwise: Contact ResNet Tech Support at 4042. The office is located in Richardson Towers South room 101, but you are advised to call first for an appointment. ResTech Support can load software on any functioning system provided it is related to accessing the ResNet . They can insert pc cards into laptops, but not allowed to open a box to install any internal cards. They are not authorized to go into any resident's room to provide service. If it is a Networking problem, then Network Services would be authorized to enter the room, but only to service the Ethernet port itself.

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