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Living Green
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Check out the sustainability of our New halls
  • Green common open space
  • Retention of existing mature trees
  • Pedestrian-oriented site design / "walkable" community
  • Developed site density
  • Site design take into consideration massing, form and character accounting for wind, light, shadow and sight lines
  • Pedestrian-friendly streetscape with building elements and space designed to human scale
  • Integration of land use, technology and multiple modes of transportation accessibility in the development

New Housing Sustainability Components

  • Insulated Concrete Form Construction

    • Concrete walls combined with interior and exterior insulation provides excellent energy efficiency and savings
    • Concrete construction has inherent structural qualities that are particularly needed in areas that may have severe weather
    • ICF's energy efficiency is also found in more consistent interior room temperatures throughout the building and provides great opportunities to minimize outdoor pollutants and improve indoor air quality
    • The sound insulation factors also are important in a student housing facility and ICF reduces outdoor and indoor noise

  • HVAC System

    • Variable Refrigerant Flow Heating and A/C systems deliver high performance while reducing energy consumption.
    • Variable-speed compressors avoid on/off cycling and offer greater energy efficiency
    • Building occupants have individual control of air in their personal spaces
    • The heat recovery system extract and transfer heat from areas requiring cooling to areas that are in need of heat

  • Windows

    • Low-E windows can achieve R-values as high as R-5, a marked improvement over the R-1 single pane or even R-2 double pane windows.  Low-E windows cost more that standard windows and allow slightly less light to enter, but are often cost effective in extremely hot or cold climates.

  • Non-impervious Surface

    • New construction will add more minimal non-impervious surface (parking) to the locations

  • West Hall Recycled

    • Approximately 85% of West Hall was recycled

  • Interior Finishes

    • Paint will be Green Seal Certified and contains low levels of volatile organic compounds (0-100 g/L of VOC)
    • Carpet will have a minimum of 10% post consumer recycled content and be CRI Green Label Plus certified.  Both attributes may contribute points towards a project LEED certification.  In addition the carpet will need to be installed with the recommended low VOC adhesive (<50g/ L)
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