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Add or Restore a Portal Channel

Follow these steps if you need to add or restore a channel.

  1. While in the portal, click on the Content/Layout link that appears in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.


  2. The Manage Content/Layout screen appears. Determine which tab you want the channel on and click on that tab label. Selecting the tab makes that page active: the tab label turns blue. (In this example, the Student tab is active.)

    Select a tab

  3. Determine where on the page you would like the channel to appear (column and position within the column). Click the [Add Channel] button in the appropriate area. (In this example, the new channel will be added at the top of the middle column, just above the Banner Self-Service channel.)

    Add Channel

  4. The screen refreshes and prompts you to select a Category (Step 1). Highlight a category and click [go]. Select the appropriate category or select "All." (In this example, a student is going to add a channel to the student tab, so he or she selects Student.)

    Select Category

  5. The screen refreshes. Scroll through the list of available channels (Step 2) and the highlight the channel you wish to add. Then click the [Add Channel] button (Step 3) to confirm that you want to add the channel. In this example, the student selects the Unofficial Student Grades channel.)

    Select Channel

  6. The screen refreshes with a view of the Manage Content/Layout screen. Click on the "Back to...Tab" link that appears in the upper left-hand portion of the screen. This takes you out of the Manage Content/Layout utility and returns you to the normal portal view. (You will return to the tab you were on when you first clicked Manage Content/Layout; in this example the student will return to the Home tab.)

    back to home tab

  7. Verify that the channel was added to the tab you selected.


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