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Undergraduate Credit by Exam

The University's policy regarding undergraduate Credit by Examination can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. Below is a more detailed view of the requirements and process.

Who may apply for Credit by Examination?

  • If you are an enrolled/admitted student with a 2.000 GPA (combined college level and Transitional Academic Studies courses GPA), you may apply to take an examination for credit. If you have been admitted but have not yet enrolled for courses at the U of M, you will have the credit earned by examination posted after enrollment.
  • You cannot earn Credit by Examination if you have already taken the course for credit.

What is the exam like?

  • The form of the examination, the method of administration, and the time of the examination are left to the discretion of colleges and departments.

What is a passing grade? What grade is entered into my student records?

  • To receive credit, your examination grade should be a grade that is equivalent at least to a "C."
  • If you pass, a grade of "S" (Satisfactory) is entered into your official records.

How many courses can I earn credit for through Credit by Examination?

  • You may apply for as many courses as you wish, but each application is subject to the review and approval outlined below.

How do I apply for Credit by Examination?

  • The key to applying for credit by examination is processing the Application for Undergraduate Credit by Examination form. The lists below outline the entire application process. As a student, you will be most concerned with the "Student Actions" list, but please read all three lists so that you will understand the process:
Student Actions
1 Go to the Registrar's Office, room 003 of Wilder Tower, and request an Application for Undergraduate Credit by Examination form. Complete section 1 (your personal/enrollment information). The Registrar's Office must complete section 2 (Certification of Eligibility).
2 Next, take the form to the chair of the department offering the course and then to Dean of the College of your major. Both must sign and date your form in section 3 (Permission/Review), giving you permission to take the examination.
3 Next, take the signed form to the Bursar's Office to pay the test fees. You will have to pay $60.00 per test/course plus $15.00 per credit hour for each hour in excess of 3. (Ex.: A test for a 3-hour course costs $60.00, a test for a 4-hour course costs $75.00 (60 + 15), a test for a 5-hour course costs $90.00 (60 + (2 x 15)), and so on.) Fees must be paid prior to the examination and are non-refundable.
4 Finally, take the form and the original payment receipt you received from the Bursar (not a copy) to the department offering the course prior to the examination. The department will complete section 4 of the form (Cost) and retain the form.
Academic Department Actions
1 The department chair should complete and sign section 5 (Certification of Credit by Examination) if the student passes the examination.
2 Send/deliver the completed form to the Office of Admissions, Applicant Services, room 101 of Wilder Tower, FAX# 3053.
Admissions Actions
1 Load the credit to the student's academic record and then forward a notice of credit granted to both the student and the Dean of the College of the student's major.


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