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PhD Graduate Placement

William Allen

Morgan State University


Nicolás Garrera

Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná

Ethics as Experience: ELements for a Comprehensive Phenomenological Ethics

Jennie Latta
Non-academic position
Being and Person: An Introduction to Edith Stein's Finite and Eternal being
Matt Bower University of Central Florida
Visiting Lecturer

Ruhr University (Bochum, Germany)
Humboldt Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

Beloit College
Visiting Assistant Professor
The Birth of the World: An Exploration in Husserl's Genetic Phenomenology

Michael Burroughs Penn State University (present appointment)
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Assistant Director, Rock Ethics Institute
University of North Carolina
(initial appointment)
Visiting Lecturer and Outreach Coordinator, Parr Ethics Center
Ideal Adults, Deficient Children: The Discourse on the Child in Western Philosophy
Cheri Carr LaGuardia Community College
Assistant Professor

University of Memphis
Adjunct Professor
Deleuze's Critical Philosophy: The Differential Theory of the Faculties
Kristing Gissberg Non-academic position
Hegel's Temporal Subjectivities: Time and Difference in Hegel's Thought
Arsalan Memon Lewis University
Visiting Assistant Professor
The Problem of Perception, Radical Reflection, and the Body: Towards Understanding Merleau-Ponty’s Post-Kantian Transcendental Philosophy
Heidi Samuelson
ASRC Space and Defense
Technical Writer (present appointment)
Southern Journal of Philosophy
Editorial Assistant (initial appointment)
Out of Joint: The Nexus of Madness and Time-Consciousness
Tina Fernandes Botts

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Fellow in Law and Philosophy

University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Assistant Professor

The Hermeneutics of Equal Protection Analysis

Timothy Golden West Chester University
Associate Professor

Onto-Theology, Subjectivity, and the Alchemy of Transcendence
Tamara Haywood University of Memphis
Adjunct Professor
The Vindication Project of Alain Locke
Cigdem Yazici Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey)
Assistant Professor

The Idea of Historicality in Heidegger's Account of Work of Art
Janae Sholtz Alvernia University (present appointment)
Assistant Professor
Southwestern University (initial appointment)
Visiting Assistant Professor
The Transformative Potential of Art, Creating a People in Heidegger and Deleuze
Bryan Bannon University of North Florida (present appointment)
Assistant Professor
Wesleyan University

Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Miami University of Ohio (initial appointment)
Visiting Assistant Professor

Developing a Theoretical Framework for an Ethical Understanding of Nature through the Phenomenologies of Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty
David Scott Coppin State University
Assistant Professor
The Naïveté of Thought: The 'Critique' of Phenomenology in the Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze
Suzanne Antley (Sought and secured non-academic position)
Collective Utterances and Meaning in Legislative Utterances
Kristie Dotson Michigan State University (present appointment)
Assistant Professor
Purdue University (initial appointment)
Assistant Professor
On Epistemic Partiality in Testimony
Erinn Gilson University of North Florida (present appointment)
Assistant Professor
Wittenberg University (initial appointment)
Visiting Assistant Professor
From Resemblance to Resonance: The Production of Thought in Deleuze's Ontology
David Gougelet American University
Visiting Assistant Professor
Life Invested: Biopower's Taming of Chance and Difference in Foucault
Sister Mary Bernard (Sought and secured non-academic position)
The Relationship Between Intentionality and the Concept of God in Malebranche's "Vision of God"
Bethany Dunn (Pursuing further studies)
Vassar College (initial appointment)
Visiting Assistant Professor
Rethinking Hobbesian Power: A Critical Engagement with Arendt, Foucault, and Agamben
Jill Hernandez University of Texas, San Antonio
Assistant Professor
Impermissibility, Moral Worth, and the Normative Sources of Action
Kris Sealey Fairfield University
Assistant Professor
Positionality and Transcendence in Emmanuel Levinas and Jean-Paul Sartre
Marda Kaiser University of Memphis
Adjunct Instructor
Apertures of Language in Derrida and Foucault: The Aporia and Archive as Passage to Thinking Otherwise
Heath Massey Beloit College 
Assistant Professor
The Persistence of the Past: Bergson and Heidegger on Time
Steve Tammelleo Lake Forest College  
Assistant Professor
Constructing A Social Ontology of Ethnic Identity
Anika Mann Morgan State University   
Associate Professor
Ethics from the Standpoint of Race and Gender: Sartre, Fanon and Feminist Standpoint Theory
Donna Marcano Trinity College
Assistant Professor
Sartre and the Social Construction of Race
Athena Colman Brock University (present appointment)
Assistant Professor
Lewis University (initial appointment)
Assistant Professor
Subjectivity, Embodiment, and Meaning in Merleau-Ponty and Irigaray
Chris Fox Newman University
Associate Professor
Structure of the Holy: Religion in Hegel & Levinas
Kathryn Gines Penn State University (present appointment)
Assistant Professor
Vanderbilt University (initial appointment)
Assistant Professor

From Political Space to Political Agency: Arendt, Sartre, and Fanon on Race and Revolutionary Violence
Valentine Moulard University of Memphis
Adjunct Instructor

Virtual Unconscious and Transcendental Time: Bergson and Deleuze's New Ontology of Experience
Brad Stone Loyola Marymount University
Associate Professor
Dominions and Domains: Machination, Discipline, and Power in Heidegger and Foucault
Karin Fry University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
Associate Professor
In the Spirit of Kant: Political Judgment in Arendt and Lyotard
Stacy Keltner Kennesaw State University
Assistant Professor
Existential Social Theory and the Philosophy of History: Toward a Dialectic of Political Judgment in the work of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre
Ann Murphy Fordham University
Assistant Professor
Ethics in History: Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, and Foucault on Historicity and Ethics
Josh Glasgow Sonoma State University
Victoria University of Wellington
Senior Lecturer
Value In Kant's Ethics: In Defense of a Value-based Deontology
Randy Cagle Minnesota State University, Morehead
Associate Professor
A Narrative of Aufklärung: Kant's Doctrine of Moral Progress Toward Perpetual Peace
Bob Barnard University of Mississippi
Associate Professor
The Naturalist's Dilemma: Logic and Ontological Naturalisms
Rex Gilliland Southern Connecticut State University
Associate Professor
Heidegger's Concept of Freedom: His Confrontation with the Ethics of Kant and Schelling
Max Maloney Christian Brothers University
Associate Professor
Subjectivity as Saintliness in the Ethical Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas
Maria Cimitile Grand Valley State University
Associate Professor
The Truth in Mimesis: Phenomenological Transformation in Gadamer, Heidegger, Irigaray
Claire Katz

Texas A & M University
Professor of Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies

Pennsylvania State University

Associate Professor

Washington College

Assistant Professor
Eros, Dwelling, Ethics: The Face of the Feminine and the Judaic in the Work of Emmanuel Levinas

Zeynep Direk Universite de Galatasaray
Associate Professor
The Renovation of the Notion of Experience in Derrida's Philosophy
Amy Morgenstern University of Dayton
Assistant Professor
Plato's Umschlag: The Turn Away From the Nothing in Plato's Sophist
Mary Bloodsworth-Lugo Washington State University
Associate Professor
Irigaray's Figures of Sexual Difference: Embodiment, Ambiguity, and "Race"
John Drabinski Amherst College (present appointment)
Professor, Department of Black Studies
Hampshire College (initial appointment)
Visiting Assistant Professor
Difference and Sense: The Problem of Relation in the Work of Emmanuel Levinas
Mitchell Haney University of North Florida
Assistant Professor
Re-Thinking the Archangel and the Prole: The Structure of Moral Normativity
Ted Toadvine University of Oregon
Associate Professor
Contradiction, Expression, and Chiasm: The Development of Intersubjectivity in Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Herman Stark South Suburban College (Chicago)
Associate Professor
Rationality Without Rules
Kevin Thompson DePaul University
Associate Professor
The Logical Structure of Civil Society in Hegel's Grundlinein der Philosophie des Rechts


M.A. Graduate Placement

Alice Everly McGill University
D. J. Hobbs Marquette University
Jasmine Wallace Villanova University

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