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Dissertation Defenses

2014/15 Sarah Vincent - "Empathy's Significance for the Moral Status of Nonhuman Animals"

2013/14 Jennie Latta - "Being and Person: An Introduction to Edith Stein's Finite and Eternal Being

Paul Hammond - "Deleuze on Individual and Collective Action"

Justin Sledge - "Freedom, Solidarity, Revolution: Toward a Marxist Ethics"

Nicolás Garrera - "Ethics as Experience: Elements for a Comprehensive Phenomenological Ethics"

2012/13 Matt Bower - "The Birth of the World: An Exploration in Husserl's Genetic Phenomenology"


2011/12 Michael Burroughs - "Ideal Adults, Deficient Children: The Discourse on the Child in Western Philosophy"

Heidi Samuelson - "Out of Joint: The Nexus of Madness and Time-Consciousness"

Cheri Carr - "Deleuze's Critical Philosophy: The Differential Theory of the Faculties"

Arsalan Memon -  "The Problem of Perception, Radical Reflection, and the Body: Towards Understanding Merleau-Ponty's Post-Kantian Transcendental Philosophy"



Dan Larkin, "The Ugly Truth about Ugliness in Kant's Aesthetics," Proceedings from the 12th International Kant Congress (forthcoming).


Sarah Vincent, “Are Chimpanzees Socially Enactive?” with Shaun Gallagher in Routledge Handbook on the Philosophy of Animals Minds, edited by Kristin Andrews and Jake Beck (Routledge ) (forthcoming, 2016).

Sarah Vincent, “Interspecies Intersubjectivity: On its Possibilities and Limitations” in The Southwest Philosophy Review, vol. 31, no. 1 (2015).

Sarah Vincent, “The Myth of the Mental (Illness)” in Agency and Morality, edited by David Boersema (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2014).

Sarah Marshall, "'One Must Imagine What One Denies’: How Sartre Imagines The Imaginary," Evental Aesthetics ​ ​3, no. 1 (2014): 16-39.


William Allen, "Locke'd in the Game," in The Wire and Philosophy, Joanna Crosby and Seth Vannatta, eds. (Chicago: Open Court, 2013).

Desiree Ramacus-Bushnell. Review of Nicholas Buccola, The Political Thought of Frederick Douglass: In Pursuit of American Liberty (New York: New York University Press, 2012). Forthcoming in Journal of American Studies.


2012/13 Nicolás Garrera. “La experiencia ética como evento y fuente de normatividad,” in Cuadernos Filosóficos (Segunda Época), No.IX, December 2012: 11-23.



Bryan Kimoto will present "Between Imperceptibility and Recognition: Queering Affect, Intelligibility, and the Law" at the National Women's Studies Association in Milwaukee.

Dan Larkin will present "The Ugly Truth about Ugliness in Kant's Aesthetics" at the 12th International Kant Congress in Vienna, Austria, in September.


Bryan Kimoto presented "Spinoza, Queerly: Rethinking Affect and the Political" at Emory's Graduate Philosophy conference in March. He will also present "'A Certain Relationship to What Exists:' The Affective Dimensions of Foucault's Critique" at the Southwest Seminar in Continental Philosophy in May.

Bilge Akbalik presented "A Body of Truth/A Truth of the Body" at the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy annual conference in Vancouver. Her essay was awarded the graduate student essay prize. She also presented "A Body of Truth/A Truth of the Body" at the international conference "Engaging Foucault" at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory in Belgrade.

Alberto Bejarano Romo presented "'Being in the Truth': The Concept of the Statement in Foucault's Archaeology" at the Narrative and Image conference at Loyola Marymount and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and "Are We There Yet?: Medicalization and the Mechanisms of Inclusion and Exclusion in U.S. Immigration" at the Radical Philosophy conference at Stony Brook University.

Bryan Kimoto presented “Shen (身) and De (德), Embodiment, Disability: Zhuangzi and Merleau-Ponty on Perspective and Being a Body” at the Eastern APA Conference in Philadelphia and "Walking While Differenced: Queer Body Politics, Subjection, and Internarrativity" at the Philosophy of the City conference in Mexico City.

Kevin Ryan presented "From Joint Action to Group Minds: A Case Study in (Improvised) Jazz" at the Collective Intentionality IX conference in Indiana University, Bloomington in September.

Dan Larkin presented "Who's to Blame? The Possibility of Collective Responsibility in Plato's Political Philosophy" at the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy Conference at Fordham University and "Up to Me or Up to Them: Determining Moral Responsibility in Aristotle's Politics" at the British Society for the History of Philosophy Conference at the University of York. He will also provide commentary on Karl Aho's paper "Kierkegaard's Revision of the Aristotelian Virtue of Courage" at the Eastern APA Conference in Philadelphia.


Stefano Vincini presented “Original Associative Pairing: A Philosophically-inspired Approach for Infant Social Cognition” at the Jean Piaget Society Conference in San Francisco; “Piaget's Theory and Newborn Imitation Explained: The Associative Principle of Similarity” at the symposium“Confusion, Complexity and Neglect: Studying Imitation in Infancy;" “Identity and Difference: Reexamining Transcendental Phenomenology Starting from Michel Foucault’s Critique” at the XI Jornadas Nacionales de Fenomenología y Hermenéutica Santa Fe-Paraná, University of Santa Fe, Argentina; “Merleau-Ponty and the Child’s Sense of Self and Others:
Syncretic Confusion or Primitive Differentiation?”at theIntersubjectivity as InteractionConference, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands; “Die erste Einfühlung. An Attempt at a Constructive Phenomenological Psychology” at the Husserl Circle Conference, Boston College.

Sarah Vincent presented “Interspecies Intersubjectivity: On its Possibilities and Limitations” at the Southwestern Philosophical Society’s Meeting, “On the Myth of the Mental (Illness)” at the Northwest Philosophy Conference and the Indiana Philosophical Association Meeting, and “Zoo Hermeneutics and Non-Human Animals” at the Midsouth Philosophy Conference.

Bilge Akbalik presented “An Ethics of “Great Health” and “Power (de)”: Physical Body, Health, and Illness in Nietzsche and the Zhuangzi” at the Eastern APA Conference in Baltimore.

Mike Butler presented "There Is No Good Answer: The Role of Responsibility in Sartre's Ethical Theory" at the Diverse Lineages of Existentialism Conference in St. Louis.

Sebastian Orlander presented "Imagination: Synthesis in the Transcendental Deduction" at the 9th Annual Graduate Philosophy Conference at West Chester University.

Alberto Romo presented "'Another World': Zapatismo and The Exercise of Power" ("'Otro Mundo': el zapatismo y el ejercicio del poder") at "Philosophical and Political Dimensions of NAFTA: Examining Twenty Years of Free Trade" at the Metropolitan Autonomous University.

Jordan Liz presented two papers: "Representing Race in the State of Nature: Hobbes on Savages, Slavery and Colonialism" at the Representations of Race in the Early Modern Period conference at the University of Michigan; and "Hobbes, Schmitt and the King of the Proud: The Role of Religious Reservation in the Leviathan" at the 14th annual North Carolina Colloquium in Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Duke University.

Josh Dohmen presented two papers: "Feminine Genius, Disabled Singularity" at Kristeva Circle, Vanderbilt University, and "Prisons and Their Subjects" at the Rethinking Mass Incarceration in the South conference at the University of Mississippi.

Jonathan Wurtz presented "Wonder in Play: Rethinking an Ethics of Sexual Difference Outside the Male/Female Binary" at the 8th annual PhiloSOPHIA conference at Penn State University.

John Torrey presented "The Moral Costs of Code Switching for African-American Men" at the Research Association of Minority Professors in New Orleans.

Dan Larkin presented six papers: "No Victory in Virtue: Incoherence in Aristotle's Defense of Slavery" at the North Carolina Philosophical Society at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; "Surely You Can't Be Serious: Understanding the Role of Rhetoric in the Menexenus" at the University of Pennsylvania Ancient Philosophy Workshop; "Method or Madness: Tracking Down the Ever Elusive Socrates" at the Ancient Philosophy Society meeting in Tampa, FL; "Looks Can Be Deceiving: Plato and the Seduction of the Polis" at the International Plato Society Conference in Tokyo, Japan [unable to attend]; "Aristotle's 'Good' Spartans" (with Tim Roche) at the Philosophical Collaborations Conference, Southern Illinois University; and "Obligation over Goodness: Reconciling the Politics of Aristotle and Hobbes" at the History of Philosophy as the History of Anti-Aristotelianism International Congress in Santiago, Chile.

William Allen presented "A Reflection on the Mills/Shelby Debate: The Limits of Reforming Rawls" at the 7th annual Southeast Philosophy Congress, Clayton State University.



Jordan Liz presented "Towards Hobbes' Theory of Sovereignty: The Role of Books III and IV of Leviathan" at the inaugural Lehigh University Philosophy Conference ("The Last Chapter").

John Torrey presented “Philosophical Horizons and Why Pre-College Philosophy Matters” at the Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO) Conference, Loyola University and at the Winning Words Initiative Conference on Pre-Collegiate Philosophy, University of Chicago. He also presented “Dispelling the Myth of Philosophy’s Uselessness” at Morehouse College and “Outreach as Impact: Teaching Philosophy in an Informal Setting” at American Association of Philosophy Teachers, Morehouse College.

William Allen presented "Rawls, Perfectionism and the Black Underclass" at Morehouse College.

Mike Butler recently presented two papers: "Activity, Passivity and Original Choice: Responding to a Merleau-Pontean Critique of Sartrean Freedom" at the North American Sartre Society annual conference and "Do not ask me who I am and do not ask me to remain the same:' Foucault's Discontinuous Subject in the Archeaology of Knowledge" at the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy.

Josh Dohmen presented two papers: "The Bios that Binds Us: Care Ethics and Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Disability" at the 7th annual philoSOPHIA Conference in Banff, Canada; and "Disabling 'Traditional' Philosophy: Philosophy, Disability, and Practice" at the APA Diversity in Philosophy Conference, University of Dayton.

Alice Everly presented "Foucault, Discontinuity, and the Moral Value of Biological Life" at the 7th annual philoSOPHIA Conference in Banff, Canada.

Marygrace Hemme presented "Feminine Genius and the Importance of Narrating Lives" at the 7th annual philoSOPHIA Conference in Banff, Canada.

Sarah Marshall presented "The Rebirth of Zoē: Ingenious Biography and the Future of the Polis" at the 7th annual philoSOPHIA Conference in Banff, Canada.


Foreign Study, Summer Schools, Workshops


Alberto Bejarano Romo attended the Collegium Phaenomenologicum in Città di Castello, Italy, where he presented "Without Further Ado: Logos, Knowledge and Fables in Derrida and Marin."

Dan Larkin attended the University of Pennsylvania Intensive Ancient Greek Language Program this summer.

John Torrey attended the Spencer Foundation Graduate Institute for Philosophy of Education workshop at University of Loyola, Chicago in July.



Sarah Marshall attended the London Graduate School's inaugural Summer Academy in Deconstruction.

Samaiyah Jones Scott participated in the Social Science Research Council Dissertation Writing Retreat for Mellon Fellows.


Honors and Awards


Bilge Akbalik has been awarded the graduate student essay prize of the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy for her essay "A Body of Truth/A Truth of the Body."


Departmental Service Award: Corey Barnes

Graduate Assistant Meritorious Teaching Award (CAS): Dan Larkin

Hilary Johnson Memorial Graduate Student Teacher Award: Justin Sledge

William Allen was inducted into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Collegium of Scholars of Morehouse.

Stefano Vincini attended the Institut für Philosophie II, University of Bochum, sponsored by an Anneliese-Maier Research Award.



Social Science Research Council Dissertation Completion Grant: Samaiyah Jones Scott

Departmental Service Award: Josh Dohmen and Sarah Marshall

Graduate Assistant Meritorious Teaching Award CAS Nominee: Maia Nahele

Hilary Johnson Memorial Graduate Student Teacher Award: Marygrace Hemme



Dissertation Defenses



Foreign Study, Summer Schools, Workshops

Honors and Awards

Engaged Scholarship

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