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The University of Memphis brand is much more than a logo. Our brand is our image. Our brand is the reputation we've spent years building. It's one of the most valuable assets we have and should be managed carefully. What's in a brand? Power. The power to separate our University from the competition. We created the new brand identity for the University of Memphis with the conviction to stand apart. Get noticed. Be admired. The "brand experience" happens every time our University touches a student, prospect, professor, researcher, partner, the community. These contacts take on many forms - in publications, on outdoor boards, in newsletters, in person - but each contact is an opportunity to endear the University to people. That's what branding is all about.

With this site, we unleash the power of our brand. By following these guidelines - consistently - you will help us build a strong, unified image for the University. Although we are an institution with many people, parts and facilities, collectively we are one brand. We have one face and speak with one voice. Adopting a branded "look" is about setting high standards. It helps us ensure that all printed communications are polished and professional - a true reflection of the outstanding institution we have become.

You are the keeper of our brand. The outstanding work you deliver daily makes our brand flourish, but there is still more to be done. By following the guidelines in this book, you'll be doing your part to protect and strengthen the University of Memphis. On this site, you'll find simple directions on how to use our visual identity correctly, while always capturing the unique spirit of our institution.

Why branding is important. Inconsistent use of a brand is the number one factor that reduces the strength of a brand. By consistently putting forth a unified image to the public, we are bringing value, prominence and awareness to our University. This increased visibility helps the University prosper in admissions/recruiting, fundraising and other areas of growth.

Access to artwork. To help you develop effective marketing materials, we made the process of accessing all the U of M brand images simple. The design elements, artwork and most up-to-date information are easily accessible on this site.

When in doubt, contact us. These standards were carefully developed by experienced professionals in the marketing and communications office in conjunction with esteemed colleagues, both on and off campus. Should you have any questions, please do not improvise solutions without first consulting the marketing and communications office.

Correct software is key. Before getting into the details of design graphics, let's address the means by which we create our graphics. The use of industry-standard software for designing print materials is essential to ensuring the highest quality. Such applications allow for strict control of color, typography and images for print and web-based use.

Software considered industry standard:
LAYOUT Quark XPress; Adobe InDesign or PageMaker. Publisher may be used with University approved templates only, view here
VECTOR GRAPHICS Macromedia FreeHand; Adobe Illustrator

Applications such as Microsoft Word, PrintShop, and Corel Draw do not conform to industry standards, and therefore, should not be used for print design.

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