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The IT Impact Report Generator was updated in April 2009 to version 3.0. A number of changes were implemented in the new version, including:

  • Impact Report notifications that need to be posted immediately due to an expected and/or unexplained service disruption must have the  'Emergency/Immediate Notification' checkbox enabled.  Otherwise, the button to email the ITIR will be unavailable.   Planned activities now require an ITS management approval prior to posting and emailing the Impact Report.
  • A new 'Executive/Public Summary' section has been added.  The content from this area is displayed on the public 'Open Impact Report Summary' page and should be a non-technical description geared toward the general campus client community.
  • The 'Additional Details' section has been eliminated.  Information previously added into this area should be placed at the end of the 'Detailed User Information' section.
  • A projected start date/time is now required prior to posting an Impact Report. Start and end time entries are used to determine when ITIRs should appear on the 'Open Impact Report Summary' page. If activities described in the ITIR extend beyond the originally expected 'projected end of service activity', the end time should be updated in the Impact Report utility.
  • A new 'keywords' selection list has been added to help to categorize the type of service disruption.  Only broad areas are covered, and keywords are not required.  Keywords are appended to the emailed subject line, and will be available in the future to evaluate service trends.
  • Emailed Impact Reports are now issued with a background color. Unplanned, immediate notices have a reddish background. Planned, approved notices are yellow.
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