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UofM - Nonresident Alien Tax Preparation Resource

If Nonresident Alien Students/ Employees are seeking a resource to assist them with preparing their tax return, please follow the below instructions:

1. Go to:

2. Click on Foreign National Tax Resource

3. Login (UofM ID and password)

4. Click on "please click here"...

* First time users, click on new users registration to sign up (right hand corner)

(Access code 7HMNQ62MRXF9)

* Returning user-enter username & password


Useful Tax Links (parent website for the U.S. Tax agency) form - 1040NR-EZ is the most commonly used form for international students and scholars with F-1 or J-1 visas - the 8843, which must accompany the 1040 NR-EZ, and is filed alone if the student or scholar has no income. - tax treaties

BOTH of these forms are needed to request a refund of social security and medicare tax if withheld in error and (university site for direct customer service regarding tax issues with students that are non-resident aliens)

Tax Treaty Information For Nationals..

Of India 
Of Canada

Other Tax Treaties

Tax Treaties Offering Benefits to Students

These Information Sheets Are No Replacement For Direct Data From The U.s. Internal Revenue Service

Information On These Handouts Is Not For Sale , And Is Intended Only as an introduction to NonResident AlienTax Issues for International Students.

Please check with your local VITA site for more details on Free Taxpayer Assistance.

Social Security and Tax I.D. Numbers - Remember the Easy Steps:
1.  Arrive prepared.  Bring any and all documents that an agency could ask for.  Students need to bring their passport, I-20 or IAP-66,  I-94 print out, and U of M  I.D. card.
2.  Plan your time carefully. Don’t expect to get your driver’s license or bank account on a 1 hour lunch break. Be prepared for long lines and considerable waits.  If you are rushed, it is easy to become impatient and frustrated with the process.
3.  Research the rules that protect you.  Banks have a special form, called a W-8, that internationals use in place of  Social Security Cards.  The Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles has an official memo to their employees listing all visa types that are not required to show SS# for driver’s licenses. Your International Students Office  has these forms and letters.
4.  Remaincalm and polite.  Usually, front desk staff are willing to work with customers as long as communications remain civil.  Losing your temper, yelling, or other displays of anger rarely achieve progress. However, it is appropriate to ask to speak with a manager or supervisor if you believe it would help the situation.
5.  Bring all the required documents.   Currently, the Social Security offices in Memphis require that F-1 and J-1 visa holders bring their passport, I-20 or IAP-66, I-94 print out, and an official school letter offering employment.  They will NOT issue social security cards without ALL of these documents!
6. Taxpayer I.D. Numbers.  For F-2 and non-employed F-1, J-1 and J-2 visa holders, taxpayer I.D. numbers are available.  Many businesses accept these numbers in place of social security numbers.
7.  If first you don’t succeed,try try again.  When all else fails, leave and come back later with re-enforcements.  If no one can help you at the time you visit a business or agency, come back when a higher-level authority is available.  If the International Students Office can be of assistance, ask for an official letter on your behalf.  There are always other paths to achieving your goal.
Note:when you have an on-campus job, including GA’s and scholarships, be sure to visit Ms. DuHart in the Finance Office (Administration Building).  Ms. DuHart and her staff in the Finance Office will make sure that you are not charged for unnecessary payroll taxes.  They are experts on all tax treaties that benefit F-1 visa International Students.


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