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Softball Game Rules rules

Softball Rules

ASA Rules apply except for the following:

The home and visiting teams will be decided by playing Hand-Over-Hand with the winner choosing his side. The scorebook will be kept by the team that is batting. The teams will alternate the book back and forth depending on who is batting.

Each team must have 8 players to start the game. Coed teams can play with 4 men, 4 women or 5 men and 5 women.

The max number of players on the field will be 10 but can bat 11.   Coed team can field 10 and bat 12. Coed teams must alternate gender in the batting order.

Each team is responsible for bringing their own gloves. Bats and balls will be provided but teams may use their own bats if they have the manufactures' stamp ASA Official Softball Bat on it.

Rubber cleats may be worn but NO METAL SPIKES!!!!

There is no bunting or stealing of bases.

Appeals- all appeals must be made before the next pitch is made. No appeals can be made after the next pitch.

Base path- The base path is an imaginary area 3 feet on either side of the base line. A runner may not run outside the base path to avoid a tag. The runner is then called out by the umpire.

Catch- A ball is considered caught when the fielder has held on to the ball long enough to establish possession and is signaled an out by the umpire.

Fair ball- Settles in or touches over fair territory between first and third base. Bounds past or first or third base in fair territory. Rolls over first or third base. Settles on or in front of home plate. A fair ball will be judged according to its relative position to the foul line, not where the player is when they attempt to catch the ball.

A batter cannot come in contact with home plate and make contact with the ball. The batter will be ruled out by the umpire.

If a hit ball comes in contact with a runner, the runner is considered out.

Infield fly rule- If there are runners at first & second or first, second and third and less then two outs. A ball is popped up in the infield and looks like a routine play to the umpire, the umpire shall call the batter out and the runners can tag up and advance at their own risk.

Substitutions may be made at any dead ball situation. The Designated Hitter (DH) may enter the field but will remain in the same place in the batting order. If a player re-enters the game, they must take their original position in the batting order.

If the ball rolls under or gets stuck in the outfield fence the outfielder should raise both hands in the air to signal it is stuck in the fence. The batter will be awarded the base that they last touched.

A foul ball that is caught by the catcher must go higher than the batters head to be considered an out. A foul tip caught by the catcher is a strike.

Mercy rules: 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 5 innings. Each game will consist of 7 innings or 55 minutes.

In case of rain or darkness, 3½ innings will constitute a game if home team is ahead. If home team is not ahead, 4 innings must be played.


(a)    This is Slow Pitch Softball. No fast-pitch allowed.

(b)   Each team will furnish its own pitcher (must be participating in game).

(c)    The "pitching area" will be a designated spot approximately the midpoint between first and third base.

(d)   Pitchers must start with at least one foot in contact with the pitching area.

(e)    One foot must remain in contact with the area until the ball passes the area. After the ball passes the area, the pitcher must make every attempt to keep clear of any live ball play.

(f)    If the pitcher intentionally interferes with live ball play, the batter will be called out and runners will return to their original bases.

(g)   Each batter is allowed two pitches to put the ball in play.

(h)   If the batter does not put the ball in play with either of the two pitches, the batter is out.

(i)     A foul ball hit on the second pitch will automatically retire the batter.

(j)     When a batted ball hits his or her own pitcher, the play will be declared dead and the batter is out.

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