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Outdoor Soccer Game Rules rules


1. The game will consist of two 20-minute halves with a running clock. No time-outs permitted. The clock will stop only for goals, injuries and at the official's discretion. Fields are about half regulation size.

2. The post-season tournament will be a single elimination. Top two teams with 3.0 or higher sportsmanship rating in their respective division will advance to the playoffs.

3. Teams – 7 players constitute a team (6 players and 1 goal keeper). Teams will be permitted to play with two less.

4. Coed Teams will consist of 7 players (4M and 3W; or 3M and 4W); or 6 players (3M and 3W; 4M and 2W; 2M and 4W); or 5 players (3M and 2W or 2M and 3W). M=Men;W=Women.

5. Delay of Game Penalty: If one of the teams fails to have the required number of players ready for play at game time, the scorekeeper will begin the game clock, and within each 5-minute mark, the team that has the required number of players will be awarded points as follow:
Time elapsed Goals awarded
0 to 5 minutes 2 goals
5 to 10 minutes 4 goals

6. Goalkeeper – will be designated and will wear an off-color shirt to indicate his/her position. This player only will be permitted to use hands to play the ball within the penalty area. The no-pass back rule (re: handling) is in effect. Opponents are prohibited from charging into the goalkeeper when he/she has possession of the ball.

7. Substitutes – must report to the official and may enter the game only when the ball is dead. At the official's discretion, substitutions may be waived off or delayed. Players may not switch positions with goalkeeper while the ball is in play.

8. Equipment – No metal or metal tip screw-in cleats allowed. All players are recommended to wear shin guards. If you wear a hard-casted knee brace, you are required to cover the brace with a soft cover (sleeve, tape, etc.) to be approved by intramural supervisors prior to each game.

9. There will be NO OFFSIDES.

10. There will be NO Slide Tackles or Slide Blocking!! First penalty will result in a penalty kick and yellow card. Second penalty will result in a penalty kick and red card (ejection).

11. Scoring – The team with the most goals scored will be declared the winner. If, at the end of regulation, the score is tied, there will be one 5 five minute sudden death overtime period. First team to score wins. If still tied at the conclusion of the overtime period, penalty kicks will be taken.

1. A coin toss will determine the first to "kick"
2. Each team will take a series of five offensive chances (taken alternately)
3. The team scoring the greater number of goals shall be declared the winner
4. A different player will take each "kick"
5. If the number of kicks goes beyond the initial five, the same kicking order shall be repeated until a team has 1 more goal.
6. Only players who have played in the game shall be eligible to take kicks in the tiebreaker
7. The goalkeeper is eligible to take kicks
8. Whoever is designated, as goalkeeper must remain in goal until the tie is broken.

NCAA soccer rules will govern play except where modified by these IM soccer Rules.

RAINOUTS – The Intramural Staff will make the decision by 4:00pm of the nights in question. All captains should call 678-2802 after 4:00pm to find out game status. DO NOT CALL BEFORE 4:00PM!!

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