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Guide for Graduate Students

Master of Arts in History

The program
Admission requirements
Nature of course offerings
Requirements and restrictions
Time limitation
Comprehensive examination
Statement of intent to graduate
Timetable for M.A. program
Forms and applications

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The Master of Arts Degree Program

The Master of Arts program of study in history is a flexible one which prepares students for a variety of careers. Students who regard the M.A. as a terminal degree usually elect to fulfill its requirements by 33 hours of course enrollment without writing a thesis. Most of these students go on to teaching positions on the secondary and community college levels; a lesser number enter government service; and some secure specialized positions in business, industry, and journalism.

Those students who want to teach on the university level or have a career in historical research and writing should look upon the M.A. program as preparation for a Ph.D. program. We therefore urge them to write a master’s thesis.

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