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219 Mitchell Hall, Memphis, TN 38152-3450
Phone: 901.678.2515; 901.678.4097 Fax: 901.678.2720

Chair: Aram Goudsouzian,, 221 Mitchell Hall
Graduate Coordinator: Daniel Unowsky,, 131 Mitchell Hall
Graduate Secretary: Karen Jackett,, 219B3 Mitchell Hall
Administrative Associate: Karen Bradley,, 219A Mitchell Hall
Degrees Offered: B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Academic Year System: Semester
Areas of Specialization: U.S., Europe, African-American, Ancient Egypt
Graduate Admissions: Office of Graduate Admissions, 101 Wilder Tower, 901.678.2911, 901.678.5023 (Fax)
Graduate School: 317 Administration Building, 901.678.2531, 901.678.3003 (Fax)


BOND, Beverly G. (Ph.D., Memphis, 1996; assoc. prof.) 19th cent. African-American
BRAND, Peter (Ph.D., Toronto, 1998; prof.) ancient Egypt, ancient Near East, Greece, Rome
BROWN, Walter R. (Ph.D., Emory, 1973; assoc. prof.) early modern Europe, France
CAMPBELL, William J. (Ph.D., McMaster, 2007; asst. prof) early North America, Native American
CHAPELL, Colin (Ph.D., Alabama, 2011; instructor) 19th and 20th century U.S., U.S. South; gender, religion
COFFEY, Michele Grigsby (Ph.D., South Carolina, 2010; instructor) African American, women and gender
CRAWFORD, Charles W. (Ph.D., Mississippi, 1968; prof.) Tennessee, oral
DAILY, Andrew M. (Ph.D., Rutgers, 2011; asst. prof.) Modern European and French, Caribbean
DUEÑAS-VARGAS, Guiomar (Ph.D., Texas-Austin, 1995; prof.) Latin American
EISEL, CHRISTINE (Ph.D., Bowling Green University, 2012; instructor) Colonial America, American women
FICKLE, James E. (Ph.D., Louisiana State, 1970; prof.) American economic, labor, conservation
GAO, Yan (Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon, 2012; instructor) Modern China, environmental
GOUDSOUZIAN, Aram (Ph.D., Purdue, 2002; prof.) U.S. popular culture, African-American, 20th century U.S., film, sports
GOUDSOUZIAN, Chrystal (Ph.D., Memphis, 2012; instructor) Egyptology
LAUMANN, Dennis (Ph.D., UCLA, 1999; assoc. prof.) Africa
MARLER, Scott P. (Ph.D., Rice, 2007; asst. prof.) Atlantic World
O’DONOVAN, Susan Eva (Ph.D., California-San Diego, 1997, assoc. prof.) 19th-century South, slavery and emancipation
ONSTINE, Suzanne L. (Ph.D., Toronto, 2001; assoc. prof.) Egyptology
PHIPPS, Catherine L. (Ph.D., Duke, 2006; assoc. prof.) Japan, modern Asia
POTTER, Sarah (Ph.D., Chicago, 2008; asst. prof.) modern U.S., family history
STEIN, Stephen (Ph.D., Ohio State, 1999; assoc. prof.) Military and naval, post-Civil War U.S.
TSACOYIANIS, Beverly (Ph.D., Washington University, 2014, asst. prof.) modern Middle East, Islam, science and medicine
UNOWSKY, Daniel (Ph.D., Columbia, 2000; prof.) modern Central and Eastern Europe
ZNAMENSKI, Andrei (Ph.D., Toledo, 1997; prof.) Russia, neo-primitivism


BLYTHE, James M. (Ph.D., Cornell, 1987)
CAFFREY, Margaret M. (Ph.D., Texas-Austin, 1986)
CHUMNEY, James R. (Ph.D., Rice, 1964)
CROUSE, Maurice A. (Ph.D., Northwestern, 1964)
ELLIS, Donald W. (Ph.D., Kansas, 1970)
FRANKLE, Robert J. (Ph.D., Wisconsin-Madison, 1970)
HAWES, Joseph M. (Ph.D., Texas-Austin, 1969)
HURLEY, F. Jack (Ph.D., Tulane, 1971)
KALIN, Berkley (Ph.D., St. Louis, 1967)
SKEEN, C. Edward (Ph.D., Ohio State, 1966)
SHERMAN, Janann M. (Ph.D., Rutgers, 1993)
TUCKER, David W. (Ph.D., Iowa, 1965)
WILSON, Major L. (Ph.D., Kansas, 1970)

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