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Dissertations in Progress

These are the dissertations currently in progress by students in History.

There is also a list of all dissertations completed since the beginning of the doctoral program.

Dissertations in Progress

The title of a dissertation in progress may change before it becomes final.

  • Christina Arflack. “Selling Eden”: Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park: A Look at the Development of an Island’s Economy and Conservation Ethic
  • Meredith Baker. Faith and Practice: Mother Ann in Shaker Theology and Community Life
  • Ken Baroff. Memphis and Shelby County Schools, post Brown
  • Michael Blum. “An Island of Racial Peace amid a Sea of Strife”: The Civil Rights Movement in Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Maria Carlenius. Iron-working in Ancient Egypt
  • Amber Colvin. “Annihilated in his presence”: Legitimacy, Family, and Power in Royal Portraiture under Henry VIII, James II, and George II of England.
  • James Conway. Moderated Militants in the Age of Black Power: The Memphis NAACP
  • Jenny Demilio. Theophilus Hunter Holmes: The Confederacy’s Forgotten Lieutenant General
  • Le’Trice Donaldson. “A Legacy All Their Own”: African American Soldiers Fight for Citizenship and Manhood, 1870-1920
  • Genevieve Donovan. Laden with Sexuality?: Conceptualizing the Erotic in Ancient Egypt
  • Dianna Fraley. Adolphine Fletcher Terry
  • Malcolm Frierson. Coming to the Stage: Dick Gregory, Bill Cosby, and the New Cultural Politics of African-American Comedy, 1961-75
  • Scott Frizzell. Busing and School Desegregation in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Victoria Gray. Mission of a Meddler: Mary Church Terrell as a Prototype of Elite Black Female Leadership, 1890-1915
  • Jeffery L. Jones. General Benjamin O. Davis
  • Micki Kaleta. The Impact of Forced Migration on the Antebellum Enslaved Family on the Cotton Frontier
  • Robert Masters. Ironmasters, Entrepreneurs, and Slaves: The Middle Tennessee Iron Industry, 1790s to 1860s
  • Laura Munroe, Menus of Meaning: Myth, Ritual, and the Power of Words in New Kingdom Egypt
  • Kristin Nelson. Irish Women’s Activism: 1900-1922
  • Nancy Parrish. Cotton, Factory, and People: The Production of Bemis, Tennessee, a Mill Town
  • Graham Perry. Deceptive Currents: An Examination of Trends in Black Resistance in Memphis, Tennessee, 1865-2000
  • Laura Perry. “Phoenix from the Ashes of the Old”: Social and Economic Change After the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878
  • Amy Piccarreto. Supporting Jacobitism: The Intersecting Roles of Gender and Religion
  • Tammy Prater. “Smile and Wear Pearls”: The Panel of American Women — Advocates of Social Harmony, 1957-1991
  • Tiffany Redman. The Goddesses Represented at Thebes and their Connection to Mut
  • Katarzyna Scherr. Agriculture as Ideology: Elite Identity and Agricultural Representation in Ancient Egypt
  • Stephen Stine. The History of Women in Broadcasting in Memphis, Tennessee, 1922-79
  • Sr. Jean Marie Warner. The Political Thought of Nicole Oresme
  • Liz Warkentin. Looking Beyond the Image: An Exploration of the Relationship between Political Power and the Goddess Hathor in New Kingdom Egypt
  • Frank Williams. Bimetallic Monetary Policy and Railroad Overcapitalization: Causes of the Depression Years, 1893-1897
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