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Refund of Registration (Enrollment) Fee Information

The University adheres to state of Tennessee policy on the refund of student enrollment fees. As such, the following refund percentages of enrollment fees (Maintenance, Out-of-State Tuition, Applied Music, Laboratory Materials, and Student Activity) apply to students who withdraw from the University or who drop to an hourly load below full time:

A. 100% Refund: A full (100%) refund of these fees will be provided (1) until the semester’s first day of classes, (2) for courses cancelled by the University, and (3) in the case of the death of the student during the semester.

B. 75% Refund: A 75% refund will be provided beginning with the semester’s first day of classes and extending for a period of time as noted in the term calendar on the Bursar’s website at for each semester.

C. 25% Refund: A 25% refund will be provided beginning at the expiration of the 75% refund period and extending for a period of time as noted in the term calendar on the Bursar’s website ( each semester.

D. No Refund: At the conclusion of the 25% refund period, there will be no refund of these fees.

E. Title IV: Students who receive federal Title IV funds and who withdraw during their first semester of attendance at the University may be eligible for a refund of enrollment fees based on the federal pro-rata refund calculation.

Please note that the specific dates for these refund periods are found in the term calendar for each semester at The refund period ends earlier than the final deadline for dropping a course or withdrawing.

The University's refund policy is based entirely upon the official date of withdrawal or change of course that would result in a refund. Refunds beyond the specified dates or percentages will not be made for reasons such as employment conflicts, relocating out-of-town, or other reasons that are beyond the University’s control or responsibility.

Registration fee refunds will be processed and mailed to students beginning approximately ten (10) days after classes begin and should usually be completed within four weeks. The University will offset against proposed refunds any amount owed by the student to the University.

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