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Rock the Vote

Explore the basics of U.S. politics along with close examination of candidates, campaigns, debates and the Electoral College.

  • ENGL 1010 - English Composition
  • POLS 1030 - American Government
  • INTD 1000 - Freshman Seminar

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What are the benefits of Fresh Connections Learning Communities?

  • The Design of a Learning Community:
    • Provides a conveniently scheduled "package" of classes appealing to particular interests
    • Students are enrolled in courses with other students who have similar interests
    • Close collaboration among students and faculty
    • The learning process is strengthened through peer support and faculty interactions
    • Allows for career exploration
    • Promotes active learning
  • Based on successful learning communities at similar universities, Fresh Connections is structured to improve:
    • oral and written communication skills
    • increase student participation in the academic process
    • foster interaction with other students and faculty
    • improve teamwork skills
  • Fresh Connections provides students the opportunity to study with some of the most distinguished faculty at the University of Memphis.

Statistics on Fresh Connections Learning Communities

  • When compared to students not in a learning community, students in the Fresh Connections learning communities are:
    • More successful in ENGL 1010 - English Composition I
    • More engaged in the learning process
    • More connected to faculty and other students
    • Likely to earn more academic credit in the first semester
    • More likely to be successful in other first semester courses
  • Students in the Fresh Connections Learning Communities report more involvement in:
    • Class presentations
    • The writing process resulting in increased confidence
    • Integration of ideas and information into their work
  • Compared to students not in a learning community, students in the Fresh Connections learning communities generally have a higher success rate and a higher first semester GPA.
  • Overall, course success (measured by a grade of C or better) are consistently higher for learning community students.

Students are making Connections and getting a Fresh start at the University of Memphis!

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