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Issued Patents

• (Licensed) 8,993,540 Compositions and Methods for Delivering an Agent to a Wound - Haggard, Noel, Bumgardner

• 8,969,590 Novel Autotaxin Inhibitors – Parrill-Baker, Baker

• 8,969,093 Novel Calibration Method and Device for Remote Location Testing Instruments – Emmert, Simone

• 8,780,345 Spatially-Selective Disks, Submillimeter Imaging Devices, Methods of Submillimeter Imaging, Profiling Scanners, Spectrometry Devices, and Methods of Spectrometry – Furxhi, Jacobs

• 8,632,186 Systems, Methods, and Computer-Readable Media for Detecting and Predicting a Progression of Retinal Pathologies – Iftekharuddin, Kim, Gunvant-Davey

• 8,519,015 Nanothin Polymer Films with Selective Pores and Method of use Thereof – Pinkhassik, Danila, Banner

• 8,508,592 Spatially-Selective Reflector Structures, Reflective Disks, and Systems and Methods for Use Thereof – Furxhi, Jacobs, Layton

• 8,497,371 Pipemidic Acid Derivative Autotaxin Inhibitors – Parrill-Baker, Baker, Hoeglund

• 8,404,256 Biomaterial Composition and Method of Use - Haggard, McCanless

• 8,343,934 Novel Diverse Lead Compound Autotaxin Inhibitors - Baker, Parrill, North

• (Licensed) 8,336,371 Real-Time, On-Line Analysis for the Quantification of Trihalomethane Species Within Drinking Water Supplies – Emmert, Brown

• 8,268,891 Autotaxin Inhibitors – Parrill, Baker

• 8,195,580 Method of Identification of Propagating Phase Gradients using Model Field Theory of Non-Gaussian Mixtures – Kozma, Perlovsky (Air Force Research Labs)

• (Licensed) 8,076,652 Real-Time, On-Line Analysis of Haloacetic Acid Species and Amounts Thereof in Drinking Water Supplies – Emmert, Simone

• 8,022,239 Mechanism-Based Inactivators of Autotaxin – Montedonico, Parrill, Baker

• (Licensed) 7,987,701 Real-Time, On-Line Analysis for the Quantification of Total Haloacetic Acid and Trihalomethane Species in Drinking Water Supplies – Emmert, Brown, Geme, Simone

• 7,923,618 Eclipse Ligature for Single Reed Musical Instruments – Gholson

• 7,923,021 Local Delivery Method and Composition – Haggard, Richelsoph

• 7,829,155 Nanothin Polymer Coatings Containing Thiol and Method of Use Thereof – Pinkhassik, Banner, Clayton

• 7,678,838 Nanothin Polymer Films with Selective Pores and Method of Use Thereof – Pinkhassik, Banner, Clayton, Danila


Current Technologies

• Nanothin Polymer Coatings Containing Thiol and Method of Use Thereof – Pinkhassik, Banner, Clayton

• Nanothin Polymer Films with Selective Pores and Method of Use Thereof – Pinkhassik, Banner, Clayton, Danila

• Abbreviated Profile of Hearing Aid Benefit (APHAB) – Alexander, Cox

• Method of Identification of Propagating Phase Gradients in 2-Dimensional Biomedical Images – Kozma, Perlovsky (Air Force Research Labs)

• Printed Circuit Board of Neurons: Guided, Preprogrammed Pathways for Neuron Growth on Porous Mechanically Strong Aerogel Substrates – Sabri

• Mechanism-Based Inactivators of Autotaxin – Baker, Parrill, Montedonico

• Spatially Selective Reflector or Absorber for Sub-Millimeter Electromagnetic Waves, Modualted by Means of Bumps or Dips on a Rotating Reflector Disk Placed Behind a Condutive panel – Furxhi, Jacobs, Layton

• Automated Method for Clustering Defect Reports – Rus, Shiva

• "Eclipse Ligature" for single reed musical instruments - Gholson

• Novel Autotaxin Inhibitors – Baker, Parrill

• Method and Device for Detection of Analyte in Vapor or Gaseous Sample – Lindner, Guo

• Cell Stretcher and Stimulator – Roan, Butler, Carter-Horne, Cleveland, Shaffer

• Early Glaucoma Detection Using Fractal-Based Analysis of Pseudo 2D Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL) Data – Iftekharuddin, Young, Gunvant (Southern College of Optometry)

• Affect-Sensitive Intelligent Tutoring System – Graesser, D'Mello

• Diverse Lead Autotaxin Inhibitors as Anticancer Chemotherapeutic Compounds – Parrill, Baker, North

• Disposable, High-Density, One Time Write Electronic Memory – Yu

• Aminophosphonate Carriers for Liposome-Based Drug Release Systems – Pinkhassik, Danila

• Automatic Extraction of Conceptual Graphs from Raw Text – Olney

• Flexible Membrane Capable of Generating Non-Uniform Strain Fields – Roan

• Child Impact Statement Development Tool – Schmidt

• Integrated Wireless Radar System for Surveillance and Tracking of Moving Targets – Kozma, Wang, Iftekharuddin, Furxhi, Consul-Pacareu, Deming (Air Force Research Labs)

• Dynamically Applying Line Breaks Using Word Order Frequencies – Louwerse

• Aerogel/ RTV Compound Material: Elastomeric RTV Encapsulated Aerogel Material Matrix – Sabri, Marchetta

• Theft Detection Systems and Methods in Autowitness – Kumar, Lissner, Mtra, Plarre, Krishna, Guha

• Spatially Selective Mask Structure and Systems and Methods for Use Thereof – Furxhi, Jacobs

• Methods that Systematically Evaluate Semantic Differences between Semantic Spaces – Graesser, Hu, Craig, Cai

• Polymer Nanocapsules Entrapping Metal Nanoparticles – Pinkhassik, Shmakov

• Dual Purpose Alginate/Calcium Salt Composite: Osteoconductive scaffold and controlled release of bioactive agents – Haggard, McCanless

• A Simple Inexpensive Method and Apparatus for Measuring the Concentrations of Total Trihalomethanes and Total Haloacetic Acids in Drinking Water and Other Aqueous Samples – Emmert, Simone, Choo, Larsen, Ranaivo

• Rotary Fuel Cells and Application to Wind Turbine Technology – Farhat, Marchetta, Galvis

• Cell Type-Specific Circadian Clock Models – Liu, Ramanathan, Hogenesch (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)

• Sodium 3-hydroxyolean-12-en-30-oate is a Novel Activator of Beta 1 Subunit-Containing 8K Channels – Parrill, McMillan

• Electrocatalytic and Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production in Aqueous Solution by a Molecular Cobalt Complex – Webster, Zhao

• Crime Analysis Tool to Computationally Evaluate Text – Louwerse

• Online Line Reading Tracking Device Using Touch Sensing - Louwerse

• Electronic Health Record System with Feedback Mechanisms - Louwerse

• FIFA: Fast Incremental FIB Aggregation – Wang, Liu, Zhang and Zhao (University of Arizona)

• Silver Nanoparticle Decorated Carbon Nanospheres for Removal of Organic Pollutants Using Visible Light – Mishra, Wilson

• Synthesis of Polymer Nanocapsules from Spontaneously Formed Surfactant/Monomer Assemblies – Pinkhassik, Kim, Dergunov

• An Artificial Amniotic Fluid for Preterm Infants – Buddington

• Self-Assembly of a Universal Graph State for Measurement-Based Quantum Computing - Deaton

• Buffering Procedure Enabling Chitosan Sponge's Controllable Degradation – Haggard, Jennings, Parker, Reves, Smith

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