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Developing Your Résumé
It’s important to begin your career journey with the development of a professional résumé. This key document is the first impression you make with an employer!  Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression so make your résumé stand out for the right reasons!
To help you make the right impression, two résumé formats have been developed for your use.  When you click on the following links, you will find a sample resume with relevant student information as well as an annotated version to help you understand why some of the features are important for your résumé.
Review these two types of résumés carefully—while everyone has unique information and experiences, employers usually spend about 30 seconds reviewing job candidate résumés—your information that makes you a competitive candidate must be easy for the employer to read and review. In addition, your résumé speaks to your ability to communicate—one of the top five most demanded skills in today’s job market.  Take time to invest in your future by developing a professional résumé.
As you review the two résumé formats, consider your experience and your career development preparation.  Perhaps ask yourself the following questions:
What type of experience do I currently have that would impress an employer?
Be sure to use the downloadable templates at the bottom of this page to make this process easy for you!
  • Is most of my experience related to my academic and campus or community involvement?  If so, Version A might work best for you.  
    • Sample Version A—click here to learn more about this résumé format
  • Is most of my experience related to my work history and skills I’ve gained during full-time or significant work experience?  If so, then Version B might work best for you
    • Sample Version B—click here to learn more about this résumé format
Downloadable Templates
To use Version A or Version B for your own résumé, download the selected version onto your desktop. Delete the sample name and information listed and replace with your information.
Important Points To Remember
Remember to proof carefully—check your dates, names, spelling carefully.  Identify your degree and major information and be sure to list your education properly.  Use the FCBE Résumé Planner and Résumé Packet to assist you in preparing your career-related content.  Be sure to see the downloadable templates above and review the list of action verbs needed to make your résumé shine!
What if you currently have limited experience to showcase to an employer?  First, be sure to invest time in the Complete Professional Program offerings for Spring 2015.  Visit the Professional Development Center in room 274 to learn more about our different programs or visit our website.

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Developing Your Résumé

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