College of Communication and Fine Arts Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
Mariam F. Ayad, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Art History, Department of Art

Ph.D., Brown University,
Department of Egyptology, 2003

On Leave 2013-2014

Department of Art
University of Memphis
200 Art and Communication Bldg.
Memphis, TN 38152-3140


(901) 678-3895

Dr. Ayad is Associate Professor of Art History in the Department of Art at the University of Memphis. She teaches Middle and Late Egyptian grammar and hieratic and offers courses in Coptic and ancient Egyptian literature as well as teaching World Art courses.

She also directs the Opening of the Mouth Epigraphic Project at the Tomb of Harwa, in Luxor, Egypt.

Dr. Ayad is a Peer Reviewer for the American Journal of Archaeology and the Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt.


Social history and religion in the Third Intermediate and Late Period; transmission and layout of Egyptian funerary texts (including Opening of the Mouth, Pyramid and Coffin Texts, Solar Hymns, Books of the Hours of Night and Day); the status and iconography of women in ancient Egypt; the role of women in temple ritual; the significance of the titles Gods Wife of Amun and God's Hand; Egyptian grammar and language (Old Egyptian through Coptic); survivals of ancient Egyptian idioms in modern colloquial Egyptian Arabic; epigraphy



Select Articles & Edited Volumes:

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  • "The Translation from Libyan to Nubian Rule: The Role of the God's Wife of Amun." In The Libyan Period in Egypt: Historical and Chronological Problems of the Third Intermediate Period, Gerard P.F. Broekman, R.J. Demarée and Olaf E. Kaper, eds., Leiden, 2008:29-49.
  • "Some Remarks on the Pyramid Texts Inscribed in the Chapel of Amenirdis I at Medinet Habu." In Studies in Honor of Leonard H. Lesko upon His Retirement from the Wilbour Chair of Egyptology at Brown University, June 2005, Stephen E. Thompson and Peter der Manuelian, eds., Providence, 2008:1-13.
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