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President’s Society

The President’s Society recognizes alumni and friends who demonstrate their leadership and support by making an annual gift of $1,000 or more to support academic initiatives.  Membership in this giving society is a visible symbol of one’s belief in the mission of the University of Memphis.  The following President’s Society members made gifts of $1,000 or more during the past fiscal year (July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010).


Mr. W. Gordon Ball*

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. "Pitt" Hyde III


Janet and James  W. Ayers*

Ms. Jeanette Cooley

Martha and Robert F. Fogelman

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Johnson*

Ms. Eloise Moxley Kimmelman*  +

Mr. A. Stephen McDaniel*

David and Phyllis Scruggs*

Mr. and Mrs. Shouky Shaheen

Estate of Edith B. Thomas +

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Thomas* +


Mr. and Mrs. William I. Loewenberg*

Mr. Seth McGaughran

Dr. Musette S. Morgan* and Mr. Allen B. Morgan Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Saunders Morgan Morton*

Anonymous Donor*

Mr. Harry L. Smith

Estate of Fletcher Earl Wilkinson* +

Estate of Sarah J. Wynn* +

Dr. Zhaohui Xu* and Mr. Wei W. Chen*


Estate of Eleanor S. Appling *  +

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Baker Jr.*

Mr. Lawson R. Baker*

Mr. Donald O. Barber*

Mr. Dick Bodine and Dr. Peggy J. Bodine*

Estate of Mr. Ray Bratcher +

Mr. John Brayton

Dr. Craig M. Brown*

Mr. and Mrs. Gene D. Carlisle

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Cates

Ms. Shirlee M. Clark*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Craddock Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dinkelspiel*

Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Donovan*

Mr. William R. Eubanks*

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Flautt Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Garrety*

Ms. Martha L. Gilliland

Jackie Jensen Hart* and Ron Hart*

Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hubbert*

John* and Lynda Irvine

Mr. James E. McGehee Jr.

Mr. Michael McLaren and The Honorable Diane K. Vescovo*

Estate of Roy G. Mersch*  +

Mr. William (Bill) C. Miller Jr.*

Drs.  Michael and Suzanne Osborn*

Esther and Clint Pearson*

Miss Ami Preston+

Mr. Thomas B. Preston

Mr. O. Edwin Reece*  +

Mr. and Mrs. E. Taylor Richardson*

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Robinson*

Mr. and Mrs. Rudi E. Scheidt Sr.

Drs. Rick J. and Paula M. Short

Dr. Judith C. Simon

Mr. Jack Soden

Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Spiceland*


Dr. and Mrs. A. Van Adams*

Ms. Amy J. Amundsen* and The Honorable Robert L. Childers*

Mr. H. Eric Bolton Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Carter*

Mr. David E. Caywood

Ms. Karen F. Clark*

John and Deborah Cothern*

Mr. Michael J. Douglass* and Ms. Maria Douglass

Mr. Lawrence E. Evans*

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Francisco

Susan Lawless-Glassman* and Richard Glassman*

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Inman Jr.*

Mr. W. C. Buddy Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kelley Jr.*

Drs.  Lisa M.*  and Robert Klesges

Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Kosten*

Anonymous Donor

Mr. Jerome B. Myers Jr.*

Mr. Joseph Orgill III*

Ms. Dianne Miller Papasan

Mr. Larry W. Papasan

Mr. John V. Phelps*

Mr. Paul E. Prather*

Laura and Joseph Rach

Mr. Andrew H. Raines*

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rhodes III*

Mr. John S. Shepherd

Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Spain

Anonymous Donor*

Ms. Pauline A. Weaver*

Mr. Robert E. Wharton Jr.*

Mr. Tommy D. Womack*

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Wunderlich*


Mr. Alan S. Anderson*

Dr. Thomas H. Appleton Jr.*

Mr. Robert E. Bailey*

Mr. Marc I. Baretz*

Mr. Gregory E. Barnes*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Barnett III*

Mr. and Mrs. Emile A. Bizot III*

Mr. and Mrs. Sam B. Blair Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bobango*

Mr. Michael R. Buchanan*

John and Deborah Cothern

Dr. Ronald G. Driggers*

Ms. Andrea W. Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. G. Douglas Edwards Jr.*

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Geurin*

Mr. Dennis J. Greenwell

Mr. Martin A. Grusin*

Mr. John A. Gupton III*

Doug and Sharon Haggett*

Mr. Frank S. Hamlin*

Mr. Mike Harless*

Mr. Cecil C. Humphreys Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. R. Hunter Humphreys*

Mr. Stephen C. Marshall*

Dina and Brad Martin*

Ms. Beverly McDaniel

Mr. Knox Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Pike*

Ms. Susan B. Plunkett*

Ms. Gayle L. Powelson*

Dr. C. S. Pyun

Dr. Shirley C. Raines and Dr. Robert J. Canady

Ms. Maurice T. Rainey*

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ray Jr.*

Miss Elma N. Roane*

Mr. Henry G. Rudner III

Estate of Virginia A. Rust*  +

Mr. Jeff C. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Stellute*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Svoboda*

Mr. L. Franklin Swords*

Ms. Deborah L. Talbot*

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Turley Jr.

Susan and Steve Vescovo*

Mr. and Mrs. Steve West*

Ms. Marjorie W. White

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. White

Mr. C. Thomas Whitman

Ms. Laura S. Whitsitt*

Ms. Jocelyn D. Wurzburg*

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Martin W. Zummach*


Mr. Ben C. Adams Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Adcock III*

Ms. Rebecca Adelman

Mr.Jamison W. Allen*

Anonymous Donor

Anonymous Donor

Ms. Carol K. Baker*

Dr. Daniel L. Baker

Mr. Erie Lachelle Banks*

Mr. Stephen R. Barkley*

Ms. Carol C. Barnes*

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Barnes

Ms. Claire Barnett*

Ms. Janette E. Wenger*

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Belz

Dr. Linda A. Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bennett

Mr. John R. Berschied Jr.*

Mr. Albert R. Biggs*

Drs. Robert and Shannon Blanton

Mr. William F. Blaylock*

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Bomer IV

Mr. John O'Neill Bomer IV*

Ms. Julie A. Boswell*

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Branham*

Mr. Willie L. Branim Sr.*

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Brogdon*

Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd D. Brooks*

Mr. David H. Brown*

Ms. Harriette H. Brown

Mr. Paul W. Brown*

Mr. William H. Brown*

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Bryant Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Burkett*

Ms. Debra S. Burns

Mr. G. Rice Byars Jr.*

Mr. Mitchell A. Byrd*

Ms. Valerie E. Calhoun and Mr. John A. Elkington*

Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Carney*

Ms. Jessica A. Thompson*

Mr. Christopher K. Casteel*

Ms. Glynna Christian*

The Honorable Kathy J. Clark*

Mr. Robert E. Clark*

Ms. Susan M. Clark and Dr. Mark A. Jones*

Mr. James P. Cole

Mr. J. Lee Conley and Ms. Tracey Coleman Conley*

Winnie Pitts Conway*

Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard R. Crews Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Crippen*

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Crosby

Sheila Jordan Cunningham and Roger Cunningham*

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dabney*

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Daniel*

Ms. Elizabeth K. Daniel and Mr. Benjamin L. Daniel*

Dr. Paul and Elizabeth Darke*

Mr. and Mrs. Winston J. Daws*

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. DeGutis*

Ms. Catherine C. Decker

Bunne and Johnny Dickson*

S. George and Kira S. Dirghalli

Mr. Steven N. Douglass*

Mr. and Mrs. David Edward Drexler*

Mr. William C. Drummond

Dr. Marie E. Dubke

Ann E. and Dan S. Duncan*

Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Duncan

Ms. Roberta H. Eason*

Ms. Evelyn T. Echols*

Dr. Eugene C. Eckstein

Michael and Kathy Elsner*

Ms. Shawna G. Engel

Mr. Robert H. Eoff*

Ms. Jennifer A. Esposito*

Ms. Marsha M. Evans and Mr. John Evans*

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Farris*

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ferraro

Ms. Glenna B. Flautt*

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Fondren Jr.

Mr. William M. Fondren III*

Dr. Sylverna V. Ford and Mr. Louis Paris Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. G. Michael Foster*

Michelle and Anthony Troxel

Anonymous Donor*

The Honorable Phyllis B. Gardner*

Claire Weatherford Garrett*

Mr. S. Jonathan Garrett*

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Gibson Jr.*

Ms. Kathy Buckman Gibson

Chancellor and Mrs. Arnold B. Goldin*

Dr. Nicholas Gotten Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Graesser*

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Graham III*

Mr. Michael G. Hamblen*

Mr. Randall C. Hampton*

Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Hanrahan

Cdr. and Mrs. Michael S. Harber*

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Hargett*

Dr. and Mrs. O. B. Harrington

Mr. David A. Hartquist

Mr. Rick Haupt

Dr. Peixin He

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Henley

Mr. Jeff A. Herbers

Dr. Maxine L. Hetherington*

Mr. John S. Hicks*

Beth and Carrick Hill*

Margaret and Dennis Hirsch*

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Y. Ho

Maj. Gen. and Mrs. James L. Hobson Jr.*

Mr. Gregory J. Hoffman*

Mr. James R. (Jim) Holcomb*

Mr. Albert D. Hollingsworth Jr.*

Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Horton*

Ms. Suzanne H. Jackson*

Dr. and Mrs. Brian D. Janz

Ms. Julie A. Johnson

Anne Marie and Tom Kadien

Mr. Ravindranath Kanuri*

Dr. James C. Kasperbauer*

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Keathley

Patte and David S. Kennedy*

Mr. Daniel E. King*

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. King

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Kinney*

Mr. James L. Kirby*

Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Knox

Mr. S. L. Kopald Jr.

Lexi Myra and James Krenis, Esquire

Ms. Barbara Kritchevsky

Justin C. Label and Hallie Dinkelspiel Label

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lackie*

Mr. Timothy R. Lee*

Ms. Florence H. Leffler*

Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Lester*

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Liles*

Ms. Jessica C. Linney*

Dr. and Mrs. Martin E. Lipinski

George R. Livermore III and Susan Spiceland Livermore*

Mr. Bruce A. Livesay

Mr. James O. Lockard*

Ms. Barbara R. Loevy*

Dr. Laddie B. Logan*

Ms. Moira J. Logan*

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Luhrs*

Dr. Marjorie F. Luttrell

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Magee*

Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Marchini

Dina and Brad Martin*

Dr. Richard V. Martin*

Randal and Janice Mashburn*

Ms. Carolyn Bradley Matheny*

Mr. Kenneth A. May*

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. McCree*

Mr. and Mrs. James E. McElroy*

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. McGee*

Mr. Edward J. McKenney Jr.*

Ms. Danielle S. McNamara

Dr. Lisa L. Mendel and Dr. Maurice I. Mendel

Ms. Jean W. Mercer*

Dave J. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. T. Wayne Mock*

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morgan*

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell D. Moskovitz*

Mr. Joseph R. Namie Jr.*

Dr. Richard A. Oberg*

Ms. Pamela G. Parker*

Dr. Abby L. Parrill-Baker

Ms. Carla A. Peacher-Ryan*

Mr. David M. Pennington*

Dr. James I. Penrod and Dr. Ann W. Wilks-Penrod

Ms. Linda K. Peppers

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Pickens*

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Pike*

Ms. Dorothy J. Pounders*

Dr. Barbara U. Prescott* and Mr. Allie J. Prescott III*

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Presley*

Mr. E. Todd Presnell*

Ms. Jackie G. Prester*

Mr. Bobby A. Prince

Maj. Thomas K. Pruett Jr.*

Dr. Gabriel P. Racz +

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Raines*

Dr. Earnest A. and Ms. Jeanine H. Rakow*

Dr. Richard R. Ranta and Dr. Carol Crown Ranta*

Ms. Robin H. Rasmussen*

Mr. Ted C. Raynor*

Mr. David F. Read*

Ms. Jean M. Redfield*

Mr. John M. Reese*

Ms. Linda Reyle*

Mr. and Mrs. H. Frank Ricks Jr.*

Dr. and Mrs. Webster Riggs Jr.

Mike and Debbie Robb*

Mr. James H. Ross*

Ms. Caroline Royal-Evans

Mr. Patrick Ruckh

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Rudner

Mr. John Ryder

The Honorable Paul W. Sacco*

Ms. Marianne Schadrack

Gail and Karl Schledwitz*

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Simms*

Dr. Arwin D. Smallwood

Dr. Marilyn Dunham Smith and Dr. Kevin H. Smith*

Ms. Marsha L. Smith*

Dr. W. Byron Smith*

Mr. and Mrs. W. Hamilton Smythe III

Ms. Rita T. Sparks

Marci M. Spigel*

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Staed*

Mr. Kenneth P. Stalls Sr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Stanley*

Mr. Milton E. Starr*

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Sullivan*

Ms. Lynn S. Susser*

Mr. Thaldaris M. Talley and Mrs. Evelyn Jones-Talley*

Dr. Irvin L. Tankersley*

Mr. James M. Taylor III*

Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Taylor*

Fred G. Thomason, M.D. and Ann D. Brown, M.D.

Ms. Tanja Lueck Thompson*

Dr. Winnie Cui Tian and Dr. Yuan Tian*

Ms. Pat Kerr Tigrett*

Ms. Cynthia J. Tobin*

Mrs. Susan S. Tootle*

Mr. Donald R. Tracy*

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Troxel*

Dr. and Mrs. Joel A. Turetzky*

Dr. Vincent T. Turitto

Mr. Robert D. Van de Vuurst*

Ellen and John C. Vergos*

Chris and Anna Vescovo*

Mr. Richard G. Vinson*

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Wagerman*

Donald I. Wagner

Dr. William L. Wallace*

Dr. Patricia L. Walls*

Mr. Garry Warren

Ms. Ellen I. Watson

Mr. Thomas C. Watson*

Mr. David Wedaman*

Ms. Rosalie Allen Wedaman*

Kathleen Weiman and Dr. Darryl S. Weiman*

The Honorable Harry W. Wellford

Mr. Nick Wells*

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Wexler

Mr. Ricky E. Wilkins

Mr. Edward F. Williams III*

Mr. and Mrs Thomas A. Bennett

Dr. Steven A. Williamson*

Mr. William C. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Winbery*

Mr. John E. Winters*

Mr. David S. Work*

* Alumnus(a)

Deceased +

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