Campus Recreation and Intramural Services
Scheduling Faclities and Guidelines

Scheduling of The University of Memphis- Student Recreation and Fitness Center Complex and Larry O. Finch Building fall under the direction of the Office of Campus Recreation Intramural Services (C.R.I.S.). Please observe the following guidelines when requesting facility space. The CRIS Scheduling Office follow Tennessee Board of Regents approved University policy and procedures.

For space requests to contact Scheduling Office, Room 100D, 620 Echles, Memphis, TN. 38152. Phone 678-3457.


A. The Form A is used for The University of Memphis sponsored public participation on campus. Community related function such as conferences, corporate or non-profit sponsored events, and athletic sponsored camps, swim meets and tournaments must contact Public Service Office (P.S.O.) (901) 678-4991 and fill out The University of Memphis Form A- "Application for Use of Facilities", before scheduling the facilities. Copies may found online or be picked up at S.R.F.C. office 100, University Center or Public Service Office. Off campus events must have a legitimate UM departmental sponsor. A individual working for the University does not qualify. Last minute drop ins will not be scheduled. All community involved activities are referred by C.R.I.S. to the Public Service Office. P.S.O. will check availability and determine space University rental fees. Public Service will contact C.S.O., who will then review request for availability of space, discuss event arrangements and determine C.R.I.S. fees prior to approval for scheduling. Final confirmation while require signatures of the Facility Agreement Contract. University event co-sponsors are liable for all charges and fee payments.

B. The Form D is for registered UM student organizations or UM departments to participates in the S.R.F.C. General Public must be less than 50% of all participants. All facility request should be submitted directly to C.R.I.S. Scheduling Office with Form D space request. Each use of space, whether contest, meeting, or practice, must be requested and approved in advance. The Form D must be submitted within 10 working days in advance of the event.  On campus events must have a legitimate UM departmental sponsor. A individual UM employee or student does not qualify. Last minute drop ins will not be scheduled. Form D - "C.R.I.S. Scheduling Office Space Request" - copies may be picked up at S.R.F.C. rm. 100. Final confirmation while require signatures of Facility Agreement Contract. Additional charges/ fees may apply.

University event sponsors are liable for all charges and fee payments.

Lights for Echles Field or Memorial Field next to the Field House can be used if space is reserved by UM department or registered student organizations.  Student organized must have minimum 10 participants to reserve space.  All reservations must be 10 days in advance.

To schedule field lights on Memorial or Echles, please file Form D and send to CRIS Scheduling Office.


Scheduling Facilities and Guidelines
C. All food served on campus must be cleared through the University contracted food service and follow
University guidelines for foods brought on campus.

D. All amplified outdoor pool events must abide by the
Outdoor Amplification Policy.

E. For safety and liability reasons, it is recommended to provide a certified person in CPR to be present during special events.


F. Proof of insurance and liability required by non UM groups.

G. *CRIS Fees that may apply:

  • Per Head User Fee
  • Supervisor and/or Entry Staff
  • Lifeguard
  • Game Official
  • Clock Operator
  • Custodial Fee
  • Security Guard
  • Physical Plant Work Orders
  • Light Use Fee

  • On-Campus Organizations that fail to pay rental/ damages fees, either through insufficient funds, or by ignoring invoices, will not be allowed to book the space again until all previous debts are paid, and will be required to place a deposit before booking future events.
  • Off-Campus Organizations must pay all initial rental fees at least one week prior to the event.  Additional costs (damages, equipment, technician hours, etc) will be billed to the Organization after they are assessed.
  • Off-Campus Organizations that fail to pay invoices for any reason will not be allowed to book the space again for a length of time to be determined by Management. Failure to pay in a timely fashion may result in late fees, loss of all booking privileges, as well as legal action. Once cleared, future events will require advance payment.

    We accept University transfer vouchers, cash, credit cards and checks only.

A. Usage Guideline

These guidelines are to be followed in order to schedule the facilities.

  • Sponsor should consult with the Coordinator of Facilities, Scheduling and Special Events prior to finalizing a schedule to investigate potential scheduling conflicts. A finalized schedule for space reservation for multiple dates should be submitted on the appropriate form two months prior to the first event.  Campus sponsor is responsible for scheduling games, classes, activities and contests.
  • A daily itemized event schedule should be submitted in writing at least one month prior to the first activity. This request should include exact dates, times, off-days and travel adjustments for athletic practices. Adjustments to this schedule will be permitted with prior approval pending space availability. Athletics must request space for individual instruction, conditioning, and out of season workouts at least two months in advance.
  • Request of space for U of M sponsored events, camps, clinics, meets and tournaments should be submitted at least one month in advance and in accordance with the University policies and procedures established for such activities.

B. Scheduling Facilities

  • All C.R.I.S. Facilities will be scheduled in accordance with established priorities.
  • Athletic programs are scheduled according to a variety of factors. These include: Applicable priority systems, availability, rotations, special events, appropriate use, out of season activities, and inter-departmental priorities.
  • Scheduling conflicts between individual athletic programs will be reviewed by the Athletic Director.
  • "Bumping" of lower priority programs from a facility space by another activity will not be permitted once schedules have been requested and approved, unless special circumstances exist. Special circumstances will be determined by the Director of C.R.I.S.
  • Periodically, pre-established schedules must be altered due to special university activities, maintenance problems, weather, or other instances beyond control. Every effort will be made to notify and accommodate each athletic program's practice and competition needs when the need arises.
  • All visiting team practice request should be forwarded to the Coordinator of Facilities, Scheduling and Special Events for formal scheduling one month in advance.
  • Every effort should be made to avoid scheduling multiple contests of differing sports and activities at the same time.
  • Any items not specifically noted in these guidelines will be reviewed by the Director of Campus Recreation Intramural Services.
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