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Online Chinese Learning and Culture Resources

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Campus School on the University of Memphis Campus
Campus School Introduction


TN-China Network
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Many situation-based conversation lessons:

Everyday life in China:

Chinese Learning and Culture Blogs

Wen Hao's Chinese Learning Blog:

The Qi Blogs:

Chinese Pronunciation and Characters

How to pronounce Pinyin and tones:

Many links for learning to read and write Chinese:

Read an learn about everyday life

Students Teaching Students

Bilingual Tots Program for Children ages Birth to 5

Asia Culture and Society

Virtual tours of famous museums and cultural sites:

Maps and geographic resources:

Chinese Literature in Comic Book Form:


Basic moral terminology of Confucius, with the Chinese characters:

The life and work of the Chinese philosopher and educator, Confucius:

Confucius Quotes:

Interactive Tools

Before You Know It is a language-learning software. It is effective at teaching people words and phrases like index cards. You will need to download the free software.

Wordchamp allows you to create your own flashcards, seeing graphs of your progress, and interacting with users. You can also practice vocabulary, read foreign websites and manage your classes.

This site provides tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language, including Chinese flashcards, adding pinyin to Chinese text, Romanization Converter, Chinese Text Annotator, Learning to Draw Chinese Characters, Chinese Encoding Converter, and many more tools.

On the Chinese tools site you can paste a Chinese text and get the pinyin pronunciation of all the characters, write pinyin with tone marks, convert a Chinese text from traditional to simplified characters and vice versa, get a personalized Chinese painting with your own Chinese name on it, and much more.

A bilingual Chinese-English annotation and translation system. Includes a simple and an advanced interface:

Note: These are resources that we think are useful for learning Chinese language and culture, are made available to you. These are third party sites and we can not verify their accuracy. And this page is selected from CI-MSU.

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Unveiling the Statue of Confucius
Unveiling the Statue of Confucius (click the image above for a larger view of image)
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