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Distinguished Teaching Award Distinguished Teaching Award
Year Name of Recipient Department
2012 Shelby Crosby English
  Francisco Vivar Foreign Languages and Literatures
2011 Matthias Kaelberer Political Science
  Katherine Kitzmann Psychology
2010 Julia Heath Economics
  Anna Bess Sorin Biology
2009 Teresa Dalle English
  Remy Debes Philosophy
  Yuki Matsuda Foreign Languages and Literatures
2008 Fernando Burgos Foreign Languages and Literatures
  Robert Marchini Physics
  Yuki Matsuda Foreign Languages and Literatures
2007 Leigh Anne Duck English
  Jack Grubaugh Biology
  Monika Nenon Foreign Languages and Literatures
2006 Charles E. Hall English
  Stephen J. Scanlan Sociology
2005 Randy G. Floyd Psychology
  Yvonne C. Leatherwood English
  Reginald Martin English
2004 Melvin Beck Biology
  Robert Frankle History
  Ladrica Menson-Furr English
2003 Mark B. Freilich Chemistry
2002 Beverly Bond History
2000 Walter R. Brown History
1999 Thomas Caplinger Mathematics
  Robert Niemeyer Psychology
1998 Charles McNutt Anthropology
  Clifton Dixon Geography and Planning
  John Kupfer Geography and Planning
  Sam Morgan Psychology
1997 Ruthbeth Finerman Anthropology
  Jack Grubaugh Biology
  Jim Payne Biology
1995 Charles Biggers Biology
  Susan Scheckel English
1994 Scott Wood Kirsch Geography and Planning
1992 John W. Hanneken Physics
  Richard L. Petersen Chemistry
1991 Graves E. Enck Sociology
  Mary Joan Weatherly English
1990 Marcus W. Orr History
1989 Teresa S. Dalle English
  Charles E. Hall English
1988 Patricia E. Connors English
1987 Gary Pascuzzo Biology
1986 Michael Lupfer Psychology
1985 Charles J. Biggers Biology
  William R. Marty Political Science
  Yvonne Giem English
1984 John H. Corbet, Jr. Geography
  Neil A. Miller Biology
  C. Edward Skeen History
1983 Shirley L. Lupfer Psychology
  Ima Marks Chemistry
  Stanley E. Hyland Anthropology
1982 Virginia P. Hudgens English
  Robert J. Frankle History
  Karen Rains Physics
1981 Cecil G. Shugart Physics
  Lawrence Wynn English
1980 Graves E. Enck Sociology
  Robert R. Marchini Physics
1979 Augustus Sordinas Anthropology
1978 Michael Garland Physics
  Charles S. Henderson Sociology
1977 Rebecca F. Guy Sociology
1975 Thomas Caplinger Mathematical Sciences
  Thomas Carlson English
  Henry Reeves Mathematical Sciences
1974 Brodie T. Estes Chemistry
  Shirley L. Lupfer Psychology
  Major L. Wilson History
1972 William R. Ellis Foreign Languages & Literatures
  Florence Schenker (Halle) English
1971 James F. Payne Biology
  Arthur Yehle Psychology
1970 Elna B. McBride Mathematical Sciences
  Robert W. McGowan Biology
  Joseph H. Riggs Speech & Drama
1969 Gene G. James Philosophy
  H. Graden Kirksey, Jr. Chemistry
1968 James R. Chumney, Jr. History
  Charles W. Crawford History
  Charles S. Henderson Sociology
1967 William R. Gillaspie History
  Paul H. Sisco Geography
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