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Humanities Requirement Course List [as of Fall 2012]



The following is based on courses in the 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog. It is feasible that students could take appropriate courses that are no longer in the Bulletin, that are part of the RODP program, that were taken as part of a study abroad program, or that were transferred from another institution. Advisors should contact the graduation analyst about the applicability of any course not on this list to the upper-division Humanities requirement.



ENGL 3210           British Literature to 1750

ENGL 3212           British Literature of the Sixteenth Century

ENGL 3213           Seventeenth Century British Literature

ENGL 3214           Reason and Sensibility in British 18th-Century Literature

ENGL 3215           Shakespeare I

ENGL 3220           British Literature since 1750

ENGL 3221           British Literature of the Romantic Age

ENGL 3222           Art, Industry and Society in Victorian Literature

ENGL 3224           British Literature of the Twentieth Century

ENGL 3325           African American Literature through the Harlem Renaissance

ENGL 3326           African American Literature since the Harlem Renaissance

ENGL 3327           American Literature to 1865

ENGL 3328           American Literature since 1865

ENGL 3329           Major Authors in American Literature

ENGL 3330           Place and Time in American Literature

ENGL 3401           Children’s Literature

ENGL 3402           Science Fiction and Fantasy

ENGL 3403           Mythic Backgrounds in Literature

ENGL 3404           Studies in Popular Texts

ENGL 3701           Introduction to Literary Criticism and Theory

ENGL 4230           Chaucer and the Medieval World

ENGL 4234           Milton

ENGL 4237           Shakespeare II

ENGL 4243           Studies in British Literature

ENGL 4244           Cultural Ideas in British Literature

ENGL 4323           Southern Literature

ENGL 4324           Early American Literature

ENGL 4325           19th Century American Literature

ENGL 4326           20th Century American Literature

ENGL 4346           Cultural Ideas in American Literature

ENGL 4372           Major African American Authors through the Harlem Renaissance

ENGL 4373           Major African American Authors since the Harlem Renaissance

ENGL 4374           African American Literary Movements

ENGL 4430           The Graphic Novel

ENGL 4431           Contemporary Literature

ENGL 4442           Studies in World Literature

ENGL 4451           Studies in Women and Literature

ENGL 4452           Modern Drama

ENGL 4453           Contemporary Drama

ENGL 4454           Literary Movements

ENGL 4455           Literature and the Arts

ENGL 4457           Poetry and Poetics

ENGL 4461           The Bible as Literature

ENGL 4711           The Author, the Text, the Reader, and the World

Special Topics and independent studies courses may be used if the topic is literature.


CHIN 4301            Modern Chinese Fiction

CHIN 4791-99      Special Topics [if topic is literature]

CLAS 3412            Roman Culture

CLAS 3413            Greek Literature in Translation

CLAS 3414            Roman Literature in Translation

CLAS 4780            Individual Studies in Classics [if topic is literature]

CLAS 4791            Special Studies in Classics [if topic is literature]

FREN 3401            French Civilization

FREN 3411            Introduction to French Literature

FREN 4412            Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century French Literature

FREN 4413            Nineteenth Century French Literature

FREN 4414            Twentieth Century French Literature

FREN 4415            Francophone Literature

FREN 4780            Individual Studies in French [if topic is literature]

FREN 4791-99      Special Topics in French Literature, Language, or Civilization [if topic is literature]

GERM 3411          Introduction to German Literature and Culture

GERM 3412          Introduction to German Literature and Culture II

GERM 4443          Major German Writers of the Twentieth Century

GERM 4451          The German Drama

GERM 4465          German Narrative Prose

GERM 4466          German Poetry

GERM 4480          Goethe

GERM 4780          Individual Studies in German [if topic is literature]

GERM 4791-99     Special Topics in German Language or Literature [if topic is literature]

ITAL 3411             Introduction to Italian Literature

ITAL 4441             Dante

ITAL 4780             Individual Studies in Italian [if topic is literature]

ITAL 4791-99       Special Topics in Italian Literature, Language, and Civilization [if topic is literature]

JAPN 3401            Introduction to Japanese Literature and Culture

JAPN 3402            Readings in Japanese Culture

JAPN 4780            Individual Studies in Japaneses [if topic is literature]

LALI 3661             Old Testament

LALI 4010-29       Special Topics in Foreign Literatures [if topic is literature]

LALI 4441             Dante

LALI 4442             Italian Cinema

LALI 4493             Contemporary French Literature

LALI 4780             Individual Studies in Language and Literature [if topic is literature]

LALI 4791-99       Special Topics in Foreign Literature, Language, and Civilization [if topic is literature]

LALI 4890             Literary Criticism

LATN 3111           Roman Historians

LATN 3211           Vergil

LATN 3912           Cicero

LATN 4001           Latin Prose

LATN 4002           Latin Poetry

LATN 4411           Roman Letter Writers

LATN 4711           Elegy, Lyric, and Epigram

PORT 4024            Portuguese for Spanish Majors: Brazilian Short Stories

SPAN 4410-6410 Spanish Literature and Civilization

SPAN 4431            Contemporary Spanish Prose

SPAN 4432            Contemporary Spanish Poetry and Drama

SPAN 4510            Spanish American Literature and Civilization

SPAN 4561            Pre-Contemporary Spanish American Prose Fiction

SPAN 4562            Contemporary Spanish American Prose Fiction

SPAN 4563           Spanish Literary Genres

SPAN 4780            Individual Studies in Spanish [if topic is literature]

SPAN 4790-99      Special Topics in Literature and Linguistics [if topic is literature]



Any upper division HIST course EXCEPT:

HIST 3300             HIST 3863             HIST 3881 [4881] HIST 4020             HIST 4022

HIST 4851             HIST 4871             HIST 4998             HIST 4999



JDST 3601             Judaism

JDST 3661             Old Testament

JDST 3801             Jewish Thought I

JDST 3802             Jewish Thought II

JDST 4511             Holocaust Studies

JDST 4671             Jewish Literary Texts

JDST 4801             Jewish Mysticism



All upper division PHIL courses



POLS 3102            Religion and Politics

POLS 3401            Legal/Political Thought: Classical

POLS 3402            Legal/Political Thought: Modern

POLS 3410            Contemporary Political Thought

POLS 3415            Feminist Political Theory

POLS 4405            Origin and Development of American Political Thought

POLS 4415            African-American Political Thought to 1900

POLS 4416            African-American Political Thought from 1900



THEA 4582           Script Interpretation


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