College of Arts and Sciences

Annual Evaluations—Faculty and Staff

Staff Performance Appraisals

Staff evaluations are conducted on-line. The deadline for bi-weekly staff evaluations is February 28. The deadline for salaried staff is March 30. You should collect information for the evaluation throughout the year. Links below will take you to detailed instructions.


Guidelines for Faculty Evaluations of Chairs/Directors, including Chair responsibilities

Chairs/Directors are evaluated by the faculty in January. Prior to the beginning of your evaluation you should provide your faculty with an updated CV, list of accomplishments, and any other materials you want them to consider. Beginning in January 2013, chairs/directors will be able to submit two individualized questions for faculty responses. The evaluations are conducted on-line. Responses are presented to chairs/directors in April.


Conducting Faculty Annual Evaluations: A detailed guide

Chairs/Directors evaluate faculty in February to mid-March each year for the prior calendar year. The evaluations are conducted on-line. However, face-to-face with meetings to discuss the evaluations with the faculty are strongly encouraged. The evaluation should be used to review prior performance AND to set expectations for the future. Links below will lead you to detailed instructions and instruments for collecting faculty data.


Collecting Faculty Data for the Evaluation

In January each year your faculty should update their online CV's and submit materials to you for the annual review process. You may collect the data in any format you choose. The college provides two formats for your consideration. Faculty evaluations are conducted on-line in February and March.


Surviving Evaluation Season


Faculty Evaluation Archives


TBR Annual Evaluation: Chairs of Excellence

TBR requires annual evaluations for chairs of excellence. These are separate from the UofM annual evaluation, but conducted at the same time. For the TBR process, the COE prepares a detailed report of activities and accomplishments for the prior year. The department chair simply attaches a 'report card' (link below) and forwards the packet to the dean's office. The department chair is responsible for instructing the COE to prepare the annual report. Not always as easy as it sounds! Start early and send frequent reminders.

Part II: Management Issues

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