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The University of Memphis and the Center for Academic Retention and Enrichment Services (CARES) want to see you succeed in reaching your educational goals. For this reason, we offer the following suggestions and resources that may help you obtain academic success:

  • Use your advisor. The advisor is an excellent source of information for your academic questions. The advisor will also serve as a referral source if there are barriers in your life outside of academics that impact your ability to succeed.
  • Attend class regularly, and when problems arise that prevent your attendance, consult with your instructor about the possibility of making up missed work. Class attendance can make the difference of a letter grade in a course and sometimes in passing/failing a course.
  • Evaluate your life and responsibilities that it holds. Are there obstacles to your educational experience that adversely affect your ability to be successful in college?
  • Is the number of hours you work interfering with your ability to be successful?
  • Are you possibly taking more hours than you should in an attempt to attain your degree in the shortest amount of time?
  • Are your financial obligations putting pressure on you to work more hours, and therefore, affecting your time and self-management?
  • Is your interest level in your chosen major enough to encourage commitment to earning the degree?
  • Have you considered whether or not you would benefit from academic, career, or psychological counseling and/or testing?
  • Is there a need for assistance from the writing or tutoring centers?
  • Please feel free to contact these offices for assistance:
Student Need or Question Guide to Campus Services
  • Help with study habits
  • Help with exam skills
  • Help with writing and reading skills
  • Help with math skills
  • Get supplemental instruction
  • Get tutoring in selected areas
  • Get online tutoring in selected areas
Educational Support Program (ESP)

Academic Enhancement, Mitchell Hall 207 678-5226 (General Education courses, Developmental Math Courses)
Business Learning Center, 256 Fogelman

English Learning Center, 225 Patterson

Math Learning Center 143 Dunn

Science Learning Center 207 Mitchell

  • Discuss attitude toward school
  • Discuss emotional tensions
  • Discuss family problems
  • Discuss dating and relationships
  • Help selecting a career
  • Help selecting a major
Career and Psychological Counseling Center,
214 Wilder Tower                          678-2068
  • Individual and group counseling for personal and career issues
  • Career exploration and testing
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Learning Disorder testing 

  • Discuss the qualifications for occupations
  • Discuss job market for college graduates
  • Discuss advantages/disadvantages of occupations
  • Learn about internships
  • Help with your resume
  • Help with interviewing skills
Career Services,
400 Wilder Tower                          678-2239
  • Professional development seminars
  • Internship assistance
  • On-campus interviewing and recruiting
  • Resume critique services
  • Job Fairs
  • Career and Employer Information
  • Help in obtaining a loan
  • Help in obtaining a scholarship or grant
  • Questions about how financial aid may be affected if you withdraw from a course
  • Questions about using VA education benefits
Financial Aid,
103 Wilder Tower                          678-4825
  • Hope Scholarship
  • Federal grants, loans, and work study
  • State grants
  • Guidance for financial forms

  • Find books and articles for assignments
  • Help with researching
Ned R. McWherter Library,
3785 Norriswood Avenue
  • Request items using interlibrary loan
  • Course Reserves
  • Ask a Librarian

  • Help meeting new friends
  • Get information about student activities and leadership development
  • Join registered student organizations
  • Get information about fraternities and sororities
  • Get information about community service opportunities
  • Have questions about campus policies and procedures
  • Participate in club sports, personal training, or fitness classes
  • Utilize exercise equipment
Department of Student Life

Student Leadership and Involvement
211 University Center                   678-8679



Judicial and Ethical Programs,
359 University Center    

Campus Recreation Intramural Services

  • Get a tour from an experienced student
  • Connect with other new students
  • Answer questions for parents
Recruitment and Orientation Services,
101 Wilder Tower                          678-2169

  • Help obtaining classroom, testing, or other disability related accommodations
  • Help in obtaining assistive technology
  • Referral to campus and community resources
  • Help to determine if you have a disability and what to do
Disability Resources for Students,
110 Wilder Tower                          678-2880

  • Discuss curriculum requirements for your major
  • Map out a plan for timely graduation
  • Discuss the qualifications for occupations
  • Help in selecting an academic program
  • Discuss academic difficulties
  • Discuss campus services
Academic Advising
Academic Counseling Center 678-2062
Arts and Sciences 678-5454
Academic Transition (transfer) 678-2783
Athletic Academic Services 678-2714
Communication & Fine Arts 678-2394
Education 678-5915
Business 678-2860
Engineering 678-4852
Nursing 678-2003
University College 678-2716
  • Receive treatment for illnesses or injury
  • Receive immunizations
  • Receive education on a variety of health issues
  • Join a campus-wide initiative designed to get healthy
Student Health Services,
200 Hudson Health Center            678-2287

  • Register your vehicle
  • Obtain a parking permit
  • Obtain a copy of parking rules
Parking Services,
120 Zach Curlin Parking Garage    678-2212

  • Report an emergency, a crime, or an accident
  • Courtesy escort across campus when there are safety concerns
Police Services,
100 Zach Curlin Parking Garage    678-4357

  • Pay parking tickets, fines, and your tuition and fees
  • Get questions answered about payments owed and financial holds on your account
Bursar's Office,
115 Wilder Tower                          678-5579

  • Interact with other first generation college students
  • Receive specialized support for first generation, low income, and students with disabilities
  • Receive counseling, tutoring, and a positive mentor/role model
  • Attend informative workshops and cultural activities
  • Receive assistance completing FAFSA and seeking alternative means of financing your education
Student Success Programs (SSP),
Mitchell 405                                   678-2351


Did neither of your custodial parents graduate from a four year college? If you answered yes, then you are a first generation college student. 

  • Get questions answered about academic status, GPA requirements, or academic holds
  • Discuss academic warning, academic probation, or academic suspension
  • Discuss the early intervention alert that you received in your e-mail
  • Learn more about ACAD 1100: Academic Strategies and ACAD 2200: Student Success Seminar
  • Get information about Fresh Connections Learning Communities
Center for Academic Retention and Enrichment Services (CARES)
Wilder Tower 500                          678-2393


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