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The Early Intervention System (EIS) is a tool used to communicate warnings to students and advisors that a performance problem is beginning to appear or has become serious. Warnings can be generated based on graded performance, late or missing course work, attendance within the course, or any other behavior or issues that indicate the likelihood of failure. The Instructor can use the default options and/or enter comments to more accurately communicate the seriousness of the situation. The goal is to foster communication between students and their advisors and faculty members. Through this system students will be informed of their overall performance in a course while it is early enough to take corrective action.

The Early Intervention Process

• An Early Intervention is initiated when a faculty member submits an Early Intervention Form on a student via the online system.

• Upon submission of the online form, automated emails are sent to:
        1) the student
        2) the student's faculty or college advisor
        3) the Center for Academic Retention and Enrichment Services

• College advisors can decide whether to forward alerts to departmental advisors or to handle the alert themselves

• Advisors follow-up with students by email or phone and request a meeting with the student

• During the meeting, students are provided guidance on how they might improve their performance and/or are referred to campus services

•  Advisors provide feedback on the intervention to CARES.

Early Intervention System

How does it work?

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