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BioGSA-Women In Science presents Dr. Judith Cole
Friday Oct 24, 2014 at 1:00 PM in Ellington Hall 131
Refreshments to Follow



Department of Biological Sciences, The University of Memphis

Fall 2014 Seminar Series: 4 PM Thursdays in Ellington Hall Auditorium (EH100)

Reception - 330 PM in Ellington Hall Foyer

4 September   Dr. Detlef Heck, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center. “Breathing controls brain activity: Neocortical oscillation phase-locked to respiration.”

11 September Dr. Jason Hoeksema, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Mississippi, “Genetic variation and the potential for coevolution in mycorrhizal interactions.”

18 September Dr. Nikki Shariat, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Food Sciences, Penn State University, “Do CRISPRs provide immunity? Characterization of CRISPR-Cas in Salmonella.”

25 September Dr. Cheryl Sisk, University Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology, Michigan State University, “Gonadal hormones shape the adolescent brain and behavior.”

2 October Dr. Paul Heideman, Professor, Department of Biology, The College of William and Normal genetic variation in neurons and hormones of reproduction: Variation in wild mice as ”

9 October

16 October  Dr. Andrew Mack, Executive Director, Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance, “Seed dispersal by cassowaries in New Guinea”

23 October Dr. Timothy Mousseau, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina, “Genetic and ecological studies of animals in Chernobyl and Fukushima”

30 October      Dr. Scott McWilliams, Professor, Department of Natural Resources Science, University of Rhode Island, “New perspectives in studies of bird migration”

6 November    Dr. Lynn (Marty) B. Martin, Associate Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, University of South Florida, “Physiological mechanisms of range expansion.”

13 November  Dr. Jeff Bennetzen, University of Georgia, Norman and Doris Giles Professor, Department of Genetics, “Comparative analysis of grass genome structure, function, and evolution”

20 November  Dr. Loren Hayes, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga, Assistant Professor, Department d Environmental Sciences, “Mammalian plural breeding: Why bother?”



The Department of Biological Sciences welcomes our newest faculty member Dr. Jennifer Mandel. Dr. Mandel received her Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in Biological Sciences and completed a post-doc in Plant Biology at the University of Georgia. Her lab addresses questions in biodiversity and conservation, biotechnology risk assessment, population genetics, ecological and evolutionary genetics and phylogenomics. If you are interested in graduate work with Dr. Mandel or would like to read more about her research visit her website at or drop by her office in Ellington Hall 339.


It is our great pleasure to announce that the Materials Science Laboratory at the University of Memphis is now open (located in the Integrated Microscopy Center in the basement of the Life Sciences Building).. We encourage you visit our website.

Featuring an X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) and a class 1000 clean room equipped with a deposition unit, photo-lithography station, wire bonder and spin coater, the Materials Science Lab is the first of its kind in west Tennessee. With professional staff and equipment enabling research and training for students, postdocs, and researchers in micro-fabrication and surface characterization, this facility significantly enhances the University's capabilities and competitiveness in the targeted growth area of interdisciplinary materials science.

Omar Skalli, PhD (Director, IMC)
Felio Perez, PhD (Material Science Laboratory Manager, IMC)
Lou G. Boykins, BSc (Coordinator, IMC)






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