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Charles A. Lessman
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Charles A. Lessman
Ph.D The University of Minnesota
Phone: 901-678-2963
Fax: 901-678-2963
Life Sciences 223
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Research Interests:

  • The current focus of the Lessman lab is on zebrafish reproduction and development. The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is an NIH-sanctioned model organism
  • We are interested in elucidating the role tubulins, especially gamma-tubulins, play in oocytes and embryos including centrosome and basal body function
  • The lab also focuses on ovarian physiology and the relation of hormones and growth factors in regulating oogenesis, especially intracellular signaling during final oocyte maturation and ovulation
  • In the long term, we are interested in the genes and epigenetic factors regulating the ovary and the ovarian cycle. We have an ongoing study to link ovarian periodicity and fecundity to genetic markers and the development of genetic lines of fish with different ovarian function
  • We have an ongoing mutagenesis project, in collaboration with other zebrafish labs, to produce, identify, characterize and map new zebrafish mutants. The first mutant we have found is dead elvis, a paralytic phenotype, that never develops normal skeletal muscle or cardiac function and is lethal at about day.
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