College of Arts and Sciences Department of Biology
Estraño, Carlos E.
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Carlos E. Lopez-Estrano
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain
Phone: 901-678-2245
Fax: 901-678-4457
University of Memphis
Department of Biology
Office:  409B Life Sciences Building
Memphis, TN USA 38152
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Research Interests:

  • Cross-regulation of cellular function at the host-Giardia interface. We are studying the molecular mechanisms underlying the intestinal disturbances as well as the bases for symptoms variability and severity associated with Giardia lamblia infections.


  • Protein trafficking and import to the Giardia's mitosome. Using an overexpression system we are cloning and expressing human mitochondria and parasite genes in the Giardia to understand the level of conservation and divergence of the mitosomal protein import system.


  • Mechanims of signal transduction and protein regulation in Giardia lamblia Evolution of eukaryotic parasite and other Diplomonadida.


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