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Our mission is to educate the total artist within the cultural atmosphere of the university. We seek motivated and talented students, and we challenge them to explore with passion so they may become leaders in art and design. This is the place where imagination is ignited and potential is realized. It’s a place where career development is stressed to help create every opportunity for professional success.


Donalyn Heise, Ed.D., (Nova Southeastern University, 2001) Art Education, Associate Professor, Art Education Coordinator

Bryna Bobick, Ed.D, (University of Georgia, 2008) Art Education, Associate Professor

Art History

Celeste-Marie Bernier, Ph. D., (University of Nottingham, 2002), Dorothy K. Hohenberg Chair of Excellence

Fred Albertson, Ph.D., (Bryn Mawr College,1980) Art History, Benjamin W. Rawlins, Jr. Meritorious Professor

Lorelei Corcoran, Ph.D., (The Oriental Institute University Of Chicago, 1988), Art History, Professor, Director, Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology, Graduate Advisor for MA students concentrating in Egyptian Art

Carol Crown, Ph.D., (Washington University, 1975) Art History, First Tennessee Professor of Art History, Undergraduate Art History Advisor

Earnestine Jenkins, Ph.D., (Michigan State University, 1997) Art History, Associate Professor, Assistant Chair, Department of Art. American, African-American, African Arts, Coordinator African Diaspora Arts-Visual Cultures

Leslie Luebbers, Ph.D., (New York University, 2001) Director, Art Museum of the University of Memphis (AMUM)

William McKeown, Ph.D., (Florida State University, 2005) Art History, Associate Professor, Art History Coordinator

Joey Orr, Ph.D., (Emory University, 2014), Art History, Visiting Assistant Professor

Patricia Podzorski, Ph.D., (University of California at Berkeley, 1994) Art History, Curator, Museum studies faculty, Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology

Todd M. Richardson, Ph.D., (Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands, 2007) Art History, Associate Professor.

Nigel Strudwick, Ph.D., (University of Liverpool 1983), Art History, Visiting Professor, Art History Coordinator


Niles Wallace, M.F.A., (Alfred University, 1974) Foundation Studies, Professor

Foundation Studies

Cedar Lorca Nordbye, M.F.A. (University of Iowa, 1998); Foundation Studies, Associate Professor, Foundation Studies Program Coordinator

Madsen Minax, M.F.A., (Northwestern University, 2012), Foundation Studies, Visiting Instructor

Graphic Design

Calvin Foster, M.F.A., (Auburn University, 1972) Graphic Design, Professor Emeritus

Gary Golightly, M.F.A., (The University of Memphis, 1995) Graphic Design, Associate Professor, Graphic Design Program Coordinator

Lucas Charles, M.G.D., (North Carolina State University, 2002) Graphic Design, Associate Professor, Graphic Design Graduate Program Coordinator

Michael Schmidt, M.G.D., (North Carolina State University,1994) Graphic Design, Associate Professor, Director, Center for Multimedia Arts

Daniel Wildberger, M.F.A. (University of Iowa, 2008) Graphic Design, Assistant Professor

Hugh Busby, M.F.A., (The University of Memphis, 2004) Graphic Design, Professional Staff/Adjunct Instructor, CCFA Local Service Provider Level II


Beth Edwards, M.F.A., (Indiana University, 1987) Painting, Professor, Fine Arts Studio Coordinator

Jed Jackson, M.F.A., (Cornell University, 1980) Painting, Professor, Graduate Painting Advisor


Richard A. Lou, M.F.A., (Clemson University, 1986) Photography, Professor, Chair, Department of Art

Larry Jasud, M.A., (The Ohio State University, 1980) Photography, Associate Professor Emeritus

Coriana Close, M.F.A., (The University of Arizona, 2011) Photography, Assistant Professor, Photography Program Coordinator

David Horan, BLS, (The University of Memphis, ) Photography, Professional Staff, Instructor, A.R.T.S. Faculty Advisor


Wayne Simpkins, M.F.A., (University of California, 1974) Printmaking, Associate Professor, Printmaking Program Coordinator


Greely Myatt, M.F.A. (University of Mississippi, 1980) Professor, Sculpture Program Coordinator

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