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"Time Pools: Accessing the Aquifer" concept drawings

League of Imaginary Scientist

(Above) Design by League of Imaginary Scientists


concept drawings for "Imaginary Water"

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All of the above diagrams were formed through a collective process and are attributed to Jason Miller's Digital Art class, the Ground Water Institute, AMUM, and The League of Imaginary Scientists.

Among the ideas represented in these drawings, I am most excited about transforming LCD monitors into virtual water collection receptacles, which will house hidden dvd players that loop video of ripples and changing water surfaces.

Dripping water is to be represented through projection in two dynamic key arrangements.

Featured materials include mylar, clear vinyl tubing of various gauges, two powerful LCD projectors, museum spot lights, three to four 12inX18in LCD monitors which will be covered by special housings wrapped in mirror mylar to mimic the screen shape of water buckets. A sound effect of plopping water and other water engaging sounds will enhance the atmospheric experience of the exhibition space.

"Tube Clouds" will be gridded and hung in various lengths to form cloud formations that will be activated by projected video drips and "Pixel Rain Water".

The idea of water transferring into digital form is crucial to the illusion we are creating through the exhibition "Imaginary Water".

One student is inquiring about helium discount rate to fill two large 6ft diameter weather ballons, which will be anchored and break the projection with dynamic image wraps of LCD projected imagery.

Additional Dimensions, exact spacial relations, and materials have been omitted from these stage of concept drawings, and although thoroughly worked out, the aforementioned portion will be confirmed upon Steven and Jeremy's initial visit this week!

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