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Distinguished Teaching, Research and Advising Awards

Distinguished Advising Award

The Award

Every Spring at Faculty Convocation, the University of Memphis honors two outstanding faculty or professional advisors with the Distinguished Advising Award. Recipients are given plaques and a stipend. The Distinguished Advising Award is funded and sponsored by the University of Memphis Alumni Association.

Selection Process

The selection process begins with nominations by U of M faculty, students, and alumni. The Selection Committee is appointed by the Provost and consists of two faculty, two professional staff, two administrators, the Director of Academic Advising, and a student representative. Final candidates are asked to request supporting letters and submit a dossier.

For more information about the Distinguished Advising Award selection guidelines and procedures, click here.

2013 Award Recipients

  • Kriangsiri Malasri, Instructor, Department of Computer Science
  • Laurie Snyder, Assistant to the Dean for Undergraduate programs, College of Communication & Fine Arts

Past Award Recipients


  • Robert Blanton, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Sara Williams, University College


  • Anna Bess Sorin, Coordinator of the Biology Advising and Resource Center
  • Marion Chiles Powless (BA '83, MA '07), Academic Advising Coordinator for the Department of Psychology


  • Dorothy Hale
  • Tracy Robinson


Distinguished Teaching Award

The Award

Every year at Faculty Convocation, the University of Memphis honors four outstanding faculty with the presentation of the Distinguished Teaching Award. Recipients receive individual plaques and awards, and their photographs are displayed in the Administration Building next to the large plaque honoring all those who have previously received the award.

The Distinguished Teaching Award is funded and sponsored by the University of Memphis Alumni Association.

Selection Process

The selection process begins with nominations by U of M full-time faculty, students, and alumni. The Distinguished Teaching Award Committee, which includes former award winners, will select a number of nominees for further consideration. The Committee will also request letters of evaluation from each finalist's administrative head. Then the Distinguished Teaching Award Committee will review all pertinent data, including the student evaluations of all courses taught within the past three years, to select the award winners.

To review the DTA Selection guidelines and procedures, click here.

2013 Award Recipients

  • Carrie Brown, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism
  • Shawn Rocco Jones, Assistant Professor, Department of Supply Chain Management
  • Ross D. Sackett, Instructor, Department of Anthropology
  • Leigh Ann Breckenridge, Clinical Assistant Professor, Loewenberg School of Nursing

Past Recipients

Dr. Carroll B. Bowman
Mrs. Sophia C. Brotherton
Dr. James R. Chumney, Jr.

Mr. R.J. Coltharp
Dr. Charles W. Crawford
Dr. William Gillaspie
Mr. Charles S. Henderson

Mrs. E. Claire Henry
Dr. Ray S. House
Dr. Gene G. James
Dr. H. Graden Kirksey, Jr.

Dr. Elna B. McBride
Dr. James Chumney
Dr. Robert W. McGowan
Dr. Joseph H. Riggs
Dr. Paul Sisco

1971 Dr. Robert E. Magowan
Dr. James F. Payne
Dr. Blanche D. Schwartz
Dr. Arthur Yehle

Mr. William R. Ellis
Dr. Melvin A. Humphreys
Mrs. Florence Schenker (Halle)
Mr. James T. Thompson

Dr. E. Dean Butler
Dr. Malcolm D. Calhoun
Dr. William S. Hollis
Dr. Van N. Oliphant

Mr. Brodie T. Estes
Mrs. Shirley L. Lupfer
Dr. John Schifani
Dr. Major L. Wilson

Dr. Thomas R. Caplinger
Dr. Thomas C. Carlson
Dr. J. Paul Price
Mr. Henry Reeves

1976 Dr. Dixie R. Crase
Mr. Glen W. Davis
Mr. Ronald L. Day
Dr. Donald W. Satterfield

Dr. Rebecca F. Guy
Mr. Thomas E. Mason
Dr. Edward H. Perry
Mrs. Lada Sands

Dr. Michael Garland
Dr. Burl E. Gilliland
Dr. Michael H. Hamrick
Mr. Charles S. Henderson*

1979 Dr. Andrew Bush
Dr. David Holtz
Dr. Augustus Sordinas
Dr. Robert Swift

Dr. Graves E. Enck
Dr. Arthur E. Garner
Dr. Robert R. Marchini
Dr. Steven M. Ross

Mr. Bob Tucker
Mr. Elijah V. Turman
Dr. Cecil G. Shugart
Dr. Lawrence Wynn

Ms. Virginia P. Hudgens
Dr. Robert J. Frankle
Dr. Harriette J. Lavenue
Dr. Karen Rains

Ms. Joan C. Gilbert
Dr. Stanley E Hyland
Mrs. Shirley L Lupfer*
Ms. Irma Marks

1984 Dr. John H. Corbet, Jr.
Dr. William H. Jermann
Dr. Neil A. Miller
Dr. C. Edward Skeen

Dr. Charles J. Biggers
Mrs. Sophia C Brotherton*
Ms. Yvonne Giem
Dr. William R. Marty

Dr. David J. Anspaugh
Dr. Malcolm D. Calhoun*
Dr. Michael Lupfer
Dr. Robert E. Magowan*

Dr. Patricia J. Murrell
Dr. Gary Pascuzzo
Dr. Frank D. Rosato
Dr. Jean A. Steitz

Dr. Lillian H. Chaney
Dr. Patricia E. Connors
Dr. Steven M. Ross*
Dr. Patricia M Stevens

Dr. Teresa S. Dalle
Mr. Glen W. Davis*
Dr. Burl E Gilliland*
Dr. Charles Hall

* Two-time winner, ineligible for further Distinguished Teaching Awards

Dr. Amy P. Dietrick
Dr. Michael H. Hamrick*
Dr. Marcus W. Orr
Dr. Howard P. Tuckman

Dr. Graves E. Enck*
Dr. Bonnie R. Greer
Dr. George S. Minmier
Dr. Mary Joan Weatherly

Dr. John W. Hanneken
Mr. John D. Lee
Dr. Richard L. Petersen
Dr. Robert R. Taylor

Dr. Ronald H. Eaton
Dr. Janet E. Foster
Dr. Elinor Kelley Grusin
Dr. Phillip Kolbe

Dr. Joel Kahane
Dr. Scott W. Kirsch
Dr. Anne Troutman
Dr. David R. Williams

Dr. Fred C. Albertson
Dr. Susan R. Jacob
Dr. Ravinder Nath
Dr. Major L. Wilson*

Dr. Charles J. Biggers*
Dr. John G. Greer
Dr. D. Gray Matthews
Dr. Susan E. Scheckel

Dr. Ruthbeth D. Finerman
Dr. Thomas S. Fry
Dr. Jack W. Grubaugh*
Dr. James F. Payne*

Dr. Clifton V. Dixon
Dr. John A. Kupfer
Dr. Charles H. McNutt
Dr. Sam B. Morgan

Dr. Thomas Caplinger
Dr. Sherman Franklin
Dr. Roger Kirk
Dr. Robert Neimeyer

Dr. Walter Brown
Dr. Leon Drouin
Dr. Kenneth Kreitner
Dr. William Segui

Dr. Wali Abdi
Dr. Ralph Brasier
Dr. Walter Kirkpatrick
Dr. Edward Perry*

Dr. Beverly Bond
Dr. Cyril Chang
Dr. John Peterson
Dr. Cheryl Rike

Dr. David Ciscel
Dr. Corinne Ethington
Dr. Mark Frelich
Dr. Phillip Kolbe*

Dr. Melvin Beck
Dr. Robert Frankle*
Dr. Ladrica Menson-Furr
Dr. Carolyn Speros

Dr. Randy G. Floyd
Dr. Brian D. Janz
Ms. Yvonne Leatherwood
Dr. Reginald Martin

Dr. Charles Hall*
Dr. Nancy H. Mardis
Dr. Steven J. Scanlan
Dr. William T. Smith

Dr. Leigh Anne Duck
Dr. Jack W. Grubaugh*
Dr. Monika C. Nenon
Dr. Robin S. Poston

Dr. Lily Afshar
Dr. Fernando Burgos
Dr. Robert Marchini
Dr. Yuki Matsuda
Dr. Irvin Tankersley

Dr. Teresa Dalle
Dr. June Entman
Dr. Remy Debes
Dr. John Amis

Julia Heath
Marian Levy
Andrew McClurg
Anna Bess Sorin

Emin Babakus
Cathy Dice
Antonio de Velasco
Margaret Vandiver

Sara Bridges
Thomas Meservy
Peter Wright
Tammy Jones



Distinguished Research Award

2013 Award Recipients

  • Guy Mittleman, Distinguished Research in Social Sciences, Business & Law, Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Santosh Kumar, Distinguished Research in Science, Engineering & Mathematics, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
  • Katherine Grace Hendrix, Distinguished Research in Humanities,
    Professor, Department of Communication
  • Kamran Ince, Distinguished Achievement in Creative Arts,
    Professor, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
  • Lynda Sagrestano, Excellence in Engaged Scholarship,
    Associate Professor, Center for Research on Women & Department of Psychology

Past Award Recipients


  • Elizabeth Edwards, Distinguished Achievement in the Creative Arts, Department of Art
  • Emily Thrush, Distinguished Research in the Humanities, Department of English
  • Margaret Vandiver, Distinguished Research in the Social Sciences, Business and Law, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Sanjay Mishra, Distinguished Research in Science, Engineering and Mathematics, Department of Physics
  • Joy Clay, Excellence in Engaged Scholarship, Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies


  • Cary Holladay, Distinguished Achievement in the Creative Arts, Associate Professor in the Department of English
  • Lorelei H. Corcoran, Distinguished Research in the Humanities, Professor of Art History and Director of the Institute for Egyptian Art and Archeology
  • Dr. Charles D. Blaha, Distinguished Research in the Social Sciences, Professor in the Department of Psychology
  • Dr. Abby L. Parrill, Distinguished Research in Science, Engineering and Mathematics, Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry


  • John (Jack) Cooper
  • Charles W. Crawford
  • Danielle McNamara
  • Robert Kozma

Distinguished Advising Award

Distinguished Teaching Award

Distinguished Research Award

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