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Special Rules for RODP and UMOnline Courses

RODP Instructional Services

eCampus office offers assistance for both students and faculty seeking information about RODP online programs, courses and student affairs. Our office does not provide academic advising. Students should consult their advisor for inquiries regarding degree requirements and how online courses may apply.

UMOnline Instructional Services

eCampus office can help refer students and faculty to the appropriate UMOnline degree  contact for information inquires and assistance resolving issues with UMOnline courses.

Identifying Online Course Equivalents

SCADETL - This Banner form identifies cataloged course equivalents. This is especially helpful for RODP online courses. You can help students review possible online course choices that may be a better fit than an equivalent campus course. You can also help prevent students from registering for an RODP online course that may replace a previously passed campus course.

RODP Online Course Permits

The eCampus office issues permits for most RODP courses through one of the following links. (RODP courses can be identified by sections R01, R25, and R50.)

Request a permit for an RODP course.

Request a permit for COMM 7110 or a PRST course.

Students requesting RODP online course permits for graduate level nursing (NURS), graduate level education (ASTL, TEAE, TELC) or undergraduate level senior project (UNIV 4995) should be directed to the registrar's "requesting class permits" site for department contact information.

UMOnline Course Permits

The eCampus office does not issue permits for UMOnline courses.  UMOnline courses are controlled by academic departments and are commonly identifed by sections 410, or M50, but may also be hybrid courses. Students should be directed to the registrars "requesting class permits" site for department contact information.

Late Registration For RODP Courses

All students requesting to register for an RODP online course after late registration must seek special approval from the eCampus office.

RODP Courses - No Audit

RODP online courses are not avaiable for audit. All other online courses may be requested for audit through the regular process as outlined at this site:

Immunization Exemption

Students who are only taking online coures and at full time status can request an exemption of the MMR and Varicella (Chicken Pox) immunization requirements. They must complete an exemption form and fax it to the Registrar’s Office at (901) 678-1425.

Online Course eRate Fee For Out-of-State Students

Students who are only registered for online courses with a residency classification as out-of-state will qualify for the e-Rate. Review the details at this site.

Retroactive Late  Withdrawals

Our office only assists students who need help contacting non-UofM faculty for RODP courses. This applies to retroactive withdrawals. Students completing a late withdrawal during the current semester will still have access to the course and can email instructors through course email.

RODP Online Course Grade Appeals

Students who intend to file a grade dispute or appeal for an RODP course must submit their request to the eCampus office through this online form.These appeals are handled though the eCampus department primarily because the instructor may be contracted through another TBR institution. We follow the same appeal procedures as outlined in the UofM catalog.

UMOnline Course Grade Appeals

UMOnline courses have both students and faculty at UofM and should be handled according to the UofM undergraduate or graduate grade appeal policy.

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