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Non-resident Tuition Information

NR Tuition Reduced for 2014-2015

The University of Memphis has asked for, and received, permission to reduce tuition for students who are not eligible to pay in-state tuition.  See the University's official announcement.  There are some different ways in which this reduction will be applied - based primarily on geographyThis new tuition structure will take effect Fall 2014 and applies to all non-resident students (both current and future) who attend the University of Memphis.

The approved proposal created two categories of non-resident student.  Click the label of each link below to discover exactly what the new program entails for each group:

  • Border County Residents 
    • Click to apply for Fall 2014 as a Border County Applicant.
    • There is no change in tuition charges for those students who reside in one of the 5 bordering counties.  Qualified border county students will continue to receive the in-state equivalency the same as always.
  • 250-R Program (Undergraduate students who attend HS within the 250-mile radius)
  • Non-Resident Tuition (Students who attended HS outside of 250-mile radius)
    • Click to apply for Fall 2014 as a Non-Resident Applicant.
    • Undergraduate students who attend(ed) a high school beyond a 250-mile radius of the University of Memphis are eligible for a substantial tuition reduction compared to previous costs.  Those students who attend(ed) a high school that is not contained on this list of qualifying above are automatically included in this category.
      • This benefit means students are charged the equivalent of in-state tuition rates on any credits over 12 in a given term.

This plan was approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents on June 20, 2014.  The University is hard at work making the necessary changes to the system.  As a result, some financial aid and/or scholarship packages may need to be recalibrated using the new tuition rates.  Students who are affected by these changes will be notified of the updates through their email addresses shortly.  Be sure to look for that important message!

Future undergraduate students, including those who are admitted but who have not yet registered for Fall 2014, can expect these new rates will be applied when you ultimately register for classes.

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