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Transfer videoHow to Transfer to the University of Memphis

Thinking about transferring to the University of Memphis, but aren't sure where to start?  Megan Murphy, a nursing major and fellow transfer student, guides you through the basic steps in this short video.

The Office of Academic Transfer and Articulation (ACTRAN) helps undergraduate transfer students determine how courses taken at other institutions will apply at the University of Memphis.

What do we do?

  • Discuss admission criteria and the appropriate time to apply
  • Offer pre-transfer advising by helping students understand how coursework may apply towards the general education requirements for a bachelor's degree at the University of Memphis
  • Refer students to the appropriate departmental academic advisor
  • Meet with prospective students at the community college and offer a pre-advising session and an unofficial transcript evaluation
  • Serve as an advocate and liaison for transfer students
  • Provide academic advising sessions for admitted students

Who is a transfer student?

  • If you have taken any college-level courses at a post secondary school since graduating from high school, you are considered a transfer student. If you took college level courses during high school you are considered a freshman student with transfer coursework.

What is Transfer?
The progression of students from one institution into another.

What is Articulation?
Articulation is defined as the matching or fitting of courses offered in one institution toward the satisfaction of a particular degree program in another institution. Articulation is said to exist when the courses for a program of study, which are offered in one institution, are recognized by another institution as being comparable to its corresponding courses, such that students from both institutions are equally prepared for the more advanced courses offered in the institution conferring the degree in that program of study.
It is communication between two institutions to foster any kind of agreement that supports transfer. The University is committed to a seamless academic transition.


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