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Travel Enrichment Funds

In the spring of 2004, Mr. Philip Donovan initiated The Donovan Travel Enrichment Fund for student and faculty travel. The fund helps support faculty and students who are traveling to research centers, and to conferences.

With additional financial support from numerous sponsors, this award has been renamed the College of Arts & Sciences Travel Enrichment Fund. Each year's recipients will be brought together at an annual luncheon with the sponsors to report on what they learned during their travels.

The following Arts & Sciences faculty and students received funding in 2012.

College of Arts and Sciences Travel Enrichment Funds

Spring 2012

  • Fernando Burgos, Foreign Languages & Literatures - Conference, Heredia, Costa Rica

  • Esra Ozdenerol, Earth Sciences - Conference, New York, NY

  • Cem Akkus, Graduate PhD, Earth Sciences - Conference, New York, NY

  • Jonathan Bennett, Senior, Political Science - Research, Brussels, Belgium

  • Michael Burroughs, Graduate PhD, Philosophy - Conference, Seattle, WA

  • Amber Colvin, Graduate PhD, History - Conference, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Josh Dohmen, Graduate PhD, Philosophy - Conference, New York, NY

  • Ana Gal, Graduate PhD, English - Conference, Rochester, NY

  • Angela Helt, Graduate MA, Anthropology - Conference, Baltimore, MD

  • Jeffery Johnson, Graduate MA, Sociology - Conference, New Orleans, LA

  • Ryan Parish, Graduate PhD, Earth Sciences - Research, Dalton, GA

  • Michele Scott, Graduate MA, Sociology - Conference, South Bend, IN

Summer 2012

  • Katherine Lambert-Pennington, Anthropology - Research, Catania, Italy

  • Andrew Liu, Biology - Conference, Destin, FL

  • Anna Mueller, Sociology - Conference, Denver, CO

  • Catherine Phipps, History - Research, Osaka, Japan

  • Paul Simone, Chemistry - Research, St. Louis, MO & Murfreesboro, TN

  • Lan Zhang, Foreign Languages & Literatures - Conference, Hangzhou, China

  • Bentuo Zheng, Mathematical Sciences - Research, Xiamen, China

  • Susannah Acuff, Graduate MA, Anthropology - Research, Ishaka, Uganda

  • Carolyn Forsyth, Graduate PhD, Psychology - Conference, Chania, Greece

  • Rebecca Heiss, Graduate PhD, Biological Sciences - Conference, Vancouver, Canada

  • Blair Lehman, Graduate PhD, Psychology - Conference, Chania, Greece

  • Haiying Li, Graduate PhD, Psychology - Conference, Montreal, Canada

  • Colleen Pawling, Graduate MFA, English - Research, Quito, Ecuador

  • Stefano Vincini, Graduate PhD, Philosophy - Conference, Boston, MA

  • Jill Williamson, Graduate PhD, Chemistry - Conference, Denver CO

Fall 2012

  • Timothy Hnat, Computer Science - Conference, Toronto, Canada 

  • Ying-Sing Li, Chemistry - Conference, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Corey Barnes, Graduate PhD, Philosophy - Conference, Cork, Ireland

  • Rebecca Davis, Graduate MA, Public & Nonprofit Administration - Conference, Coral Springs, FL

  • Gina Denton, Graduate PhD, English - Conference, Columbus, OH

  • Paige Frankfurt, Graduate PhD, Psychology - Conference, Nathional Harbor, MD

  • Shane Hanlon, Graduate PhD, Biological Sciences - Conference, Tempe, AZ

  • Nicholas Mastron, Senior, Political Science, Economics, International Studies, & History - Conference, Washington, D.C.

  • Darcy Sharp, Junior, Political Science - Conference, Washington, D.C.

The college recently published a new edition of PROFILES Newsletter.

PROFILES presents great happenings,
research and achievements
through the college.

Visit the website.

Travel Enrichment Award Recipients and attendees at the Spring 2012 luncheon

Travel Enrichment Award Recipients and attendees at the Spring 2012 luncheon

Travel Enrichment Award Link to Slideshow

Travel Enrichment Slides

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